Shopping in Bangkok

Best friends Ingrid, Stephie and I have known each other most of our lives. When I say most, I mean at least 13 - 18 years. Now some say, 13 years is nothing, on the other hand, some say a decade is enough to know.

Well I think, who gives a fk.

20 years, 3 days, 5 months, a lifetime. 
When you've got a good friendship, you've got it good. 

We've always talked about taking a trip together, now that Stephie is finally getting hitched, we thought it's the perfect excuse to go for an all girls trip, like I did last year with the rest of the girls. AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

We decided that it was going to be ALL about shopping. That we'd come to Bangkok, enjoy a little bit, and spend most of our waking time shopping. I've never had a shopping holiday........ I must say....... Now that I'm older and earning my own...... It feels DARN GOOD.

We stayed in The Blocks Hostel, which was a quirky hipster hostel managed by youngsters. I chose that hostel because of it's excellent reviews on Tripadvisor,, value for money and apparently great location. In fact, IT WAS. We were away throughout the day most of the time, so we only wanted to stay together in one room, with our private bathroom - so The Blocks Hostel was an alright choice. The only hassle was when we first checked in, or rather throughout our stay, their elevator was broken so we had to climb four floors up every, single, time.

  • The Blocks Hostel: I booked via, but you can compare the best prices in Tripadvisor 

This is only an issue because we've been maxing out our body and legs walking around the entire shopping complexes or street every, single, day that by the time we reached our hostel, WE WERE SO EXHAUSTED thatthe idea of going another four floors up again - is insane.

Actually, technically, this isn't a post about shopping in Bangkok because there are barely photos.... and actual testaments about what's selling on the malls that we went.... just a random post about me going shopping ^_^

Ratchada Train Market 

We heard about the original Ratchada Train Market but was made to understand that it was far from where we are and was told that the one near city is this one.. Which was fine by us, if it saved us some time, and we could explore an interesting night market, we wouldn't pass that for sure.

After a day full of adventures, or misadventures in Taling Chan, we wanted something easy to cool us down. A good dinner, some drinks, and coconut juices maybe. Ratchada Train Market in the city has such a hipster feel to it.

Some pop up cafes, restaurants, and food trucks. Loved it.

Stephie and her beer. This was such a good meal.

I saw a video once about getting 100% of the coconut, and I saw this girl at Ratchada who could do that. VERY COOL I must say.

We didn't SHOP shop in Ratchada Train Market, but I think you could, I saw some interesting, hipster-ish type of shop, like things made and crafted in Bangkok, very cool stuff, but I was saving my money to buy for girly stuff like blouses, accessories and some quirky things both in malls and Chatuchak :p

Platinum Mall 

We wanted to go to only a few places, just a few places, and thought we had brought enough. OK - who are we kidding, it's never going to be enough. We were ascertain about a few things, like I wanted a specific type of blouses, Stephie wanted some stuff too, and Ingrid another.

But........ what's shopping without the distractions :(

We headed to the first mall, Platinum, cause Yuen recommended to us last year. And we liked that mall, pretty decent, it had pretty stuff and cute outfits.

Okay, BEWARE. Pretty stuff and cute outfits nearly cost us half of our shopping money TOO. DARN. I'm sorry guys, this is when I'm a terrible "blogger". I only took one photo of my shopping trip to Platinum............ and it's food.

This reminds me of Yuen by the way ^_^
MAMA Thai noodles.

Union Mall 

We actually wanted to go to Union Mall first instead of Platinum, but for some strange reason our schedule flipped, Union Mall came second on a different day AFTER Chatuchak.

Going second basically means - less money.. HAHA. I don't even know why I'm laughing.. But yes, by the time we explored Union Mall, we had lesser money and things became less appealing........ :p

And I remember being so tired from Chatuchak, actually I remember ALL of us being so beat after Chatuchak, the heat, the people, the things, almost impossible not to feel exhausted, and then we went on to Union Mall...

Which really was very promising! But we were SO tired already. We wanted to find a dress for our friend, so we were dragging out feet everywhere......... but with much enthusiasm.......... and no money.

It was such a first world problem. By the time it was 4pm, Stephie and Ingrid went on together, while I went back on the bus to the airport to pick Jessy up :)

I love my solo ride to the airport. I could sleep, look at people, hear music.

Chatuchak Market 

Who doesn't know Chatuchak Market put your hands up?

I've been to this market four times now, I recognised some of the lanes, and though things look quite repetitive after the third time, or rather, after the third time getting lost in between, there is no assurance that you'd be any better than before at tackling this market.

It's just big.

Almost bought these odd, quirky, almost Alice in the Wonderland-ish type of ornaments, but the one that I liked didn't have a cat's face (yes me and my cats), so had to forego it.

Very beautiful though.

Odd, typical, usual but also not. If there's one thing to describe this market, it's everything. Everything you've seen, everything you've not, and repeat that times 5, Stephie wanted to buy some of these flower headpieces for her flower girls, and after much deliberation and rounds, I think she finally got something she wanted.

Frangipani is one of my favourite flower of all time. It's the most common, most simple flower, but it reminds me of all travels I've done and been to. Especially the ones I've been alone and loved, saved and protected by the kind strangers I've met along the way :)

Besides shopping, Chatuchak is notorious for another thing, well at least for me....... it's food. I remember eating all kinds of interesting things, one I have associated very well with Chatuchak. From ice creams, to breads, to fruits, to pork, to rice, to ... kebab.

This kebab saved mine and jessy's life. We were so focused on shopping, we had to leave earlier to go to Pattaya before sun down, that we forgot to eat.

Like seriously, who forgets to eat?!

We had brunch around 10.30am, but shopping is physically exhausting and so consuming that by the time it was 1.30pm, we were seeing stars. I saw tourists ripping out this kebab, and I couldn't think straight anymore, that I grabbed it as well.

Not sure if it was the hunger, but it was SO GOOD. Thai and Kebabs, loved it.

Anyway, bought a lot of things I am happy :)  I intended to buy lots of things for myself, and bought so many things for myself I did :) Quirky bags (my friends know I'm weird), to pretty blouses and dresses, all in a trip's work.

By the time we were almost done with the trip, while Jessy and I head to Pattaya next, we had used up most of our money :p And that's what we wanted to. I for one, don't shop so much, in fact almost not all, not even online.. so if anyone were to make me feel bad about buying things for myself, move, away :p

Till the next shopping trip, and me going back to the grind to go back on another shopping trip.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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