Cost of self-planned 10 days 9 nights - Venice & Rome

This post was 3 months in the making!

(I know I owe other posts about Bangkok, which are in queue..)

But no seriously.. I started this post end March so that I can be diligent with my posts and tips. I wanted to include all the numbers and facts first before I impart all the photos (from the actual trip) and here goes:

1) Return flight KK - KL (has to be accounted for since we had to fly from KK) 
Total per person: MYR 350.40nett per person via Malaysia Airlines. They had the best deal for the best times at that time so it was a no brainer. And the whole trick of getting tickets, before and after the flights to Rome.
2) Overnight in KL (also to be accounted for because this is part of the cost) 
Total per person: RM 56.10 per person. Including taxi and airport transfer to and fro. We stayed in Youniq Hotel because it was cheaper than anywhere else, plus it could host us 3. And I remember the airport transfer from the hotel to the airport which I thought was cheap and convenient. Mixed reviews online, I think generally okay but I felt the frontdesk blokes could be more helpful. They were just giving me one word answers sometime which can be annoying after a flight :p

3) Return flight KL - Italy (Rome) 
The trick is to buy a return ticket instead of a one way and come back to the same destination, because for whatever reason, one way tickets are MUCH MORE expensive than return tickets. Even doubled/ tripled the price. We were toying with Emirates, Qatar and KLM in the first place and eventually decided on Emirates for the best price and time. We had no issues with this, because we wanted to do only two cities in between 9 nights anyway.. There was one qualm though, well not quite for us because we've never been there - but if you choose Emirates there are possibilities that you'd have to transit in Dubai. Some like a direct flight, while others prefer to cut it in between. As you want. Total per person: MYR 2577.90 per person. 

3) Accommodation in Rome (6 nights) 
We had to stay somewhere near the airport the first night of arrival, because we expect to arrive late. And then expected to leave in the morning to Venice in between. First night's accommodation (with breakfast): B&B La Brezza Marina  (MYR 337 per night/ for 3).  Airport Transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini Station, we used a cab just cause we wanted to wake up slightly later: MYR 99.84nett per person. Remaining nights in Rome (with breakfast): La Rotella Nel Sacco (MYR 440.57 per night/ for 3). Total per person:  MYR 700nett per person. 
  • (I prefer to book through because of the non-chargeable conditions) 
  • Both the places we stayed in Rome and Fiumicino (Airport area) were great. La Rotella Nel Sacco, the second part of the Rome trip was an interesting choice at first, because it was located towards the end of Roma Termini station, like seriously, and we thought we could carry our own luggage and walk all the way, probably a kilometre walk. I would recommend, if you have big bags like we did, especially for my poor 60 year old mum, to take a cab or tram or bus to get to her place. Otherwise, her place is central! You can hop on and hop off from her place to anywhere you like or as a jumping off point to Termini which can get you anywhere! 
  • You can also choose to airbnb :) 

4) Accommodation in Venice (5 nights)  
We decided to split the trip to city and countryside and figured Venice could be the perfect place to be hosting all our countryside activities. That includes cooking, cycling, walking around, attending church, I don't know, something more countryside Italian I guess. So we decided to use Airbnb for our stay! Airbnb in Venice (with breakfast): Loft at the Countryside Venice  (MYR 369 per night/ for 3) Total per person: MYR 369nett per person. 
  • Sign up with Airbnb using my credentials, and get free MYR 81nett credit for yourself :)
  • Airbnb 
  • I LOVE MY STAY WITH CECILIA. We came to Venice with  absolutely no plans, so I asked her what are the things we can do there - besides - chill. She suggested a cooking class with her mum, with fees, follow her dad and her to St Anthony Padua and eventually a day with her friend in Venice. Very lovely. Not only the place looked like it's straight from a cottage in a magazine, people and pets are lovely too. 

5) Intercity trains
The next big expenditures that we had to take account of before the rest of the money to be splurged on food and shopping were intercity trains. There were two trains, from Rome (Roma Termini) to Venice (St.Lucia) and then back to Rome (Roma Termini). I reckon there are public trains with these, but I wouldn't risk it with my 60 year old mum tagging along. So I've decided to purchase the private trains much earlier online.
  • Rome to Venice (Roma Termini to Venezia St Lucia) for 3 persons MYR 468.96. Total per person: MYR 156.32nett per person. 
  • Venice to Rome (Venezia St Lucia to Roma Termini) for 3  persons MYR 468.96.  Total per person: MYR 156.32nett per person. 
  • Total per person return: MTR 312.64nett per person. 
  • Bought our train tickets through 

6) Roma Pass 
I decided to get Roma Pass for my family because we were staying there for exactly 3 full days + 2 half days. And we wanted to go everywhere one should go in Rome, the Colloseum, the Vatican, Pantheon, Fontana de Trevi, everywhere in Rome.

So what the Roma Pass covers are unlimited rides to the tram, trains, buses (but no one checks if you validate your ticket, so you could pass for free rides all the time, but we didn't want to take the chance, we're good citizens of the world :p) and 2 FREE entries to the any archeological sites (we chose Colloseum) and museum (we didn't use any, you could pass for other museums) and most iconic Rome sites are free e.g Pantheon, Fontana de Trevi. The Vatican city and museums have its own fees as well. We bought our passes online and collected it at the Roma Termini Station (nearest to our hostel). It has a 5 day advance purchase clause if you book online, so you can only collect it 5 days later if you purchase today. Total per person: MYR 165.89nett per person. 
  • Get the Roma Pass here 
  • There are still queues you have to adhere to even with the pass, but I think much better than buying there's queue - we queued for 45 minutes for Colloseum 
  • For total convenience, and if you're here for at least 3 full days - would recommend 

7)  Vatican Museums 
The Vatican, being a country on its own has its own set of fees and rules. Although connected through trains and buses from Rome, this remarkable country (yes, country) is a state running on its own and the head of state is obviously the Holy Pope. No Roma Pass would be valid here, so you'd have to purchase your own Vatican Museum passes. Since Vatican was in our number 1 list of an attraction to visit (mainly for mum and Jessy), I decided to purchase the Vatican Museums ticket online.

^ POPE!!

We wanted to go to St Peter Basilica first (FREE, and where pope usually addresses his public homily and meet the public) on Wednesdays (we know this after we're there, we bought the tickets by random choice) and then Vatican Museum. So it was only right for me to get the Vatican Museum + Lunch because we would have to be there by lunch already. Always remember that I'm traveling with a 60 year old mum so I need to figure out the best things to accommodate the situation. So I took the lunch inclusive. Which was decent.. Pasta, salad, cake, coffees, breads.

But to be honest, if you're not planning to visit the Vatican Museum around lunch time (we were), I think you can skip the lunch inclusion and get your own there if you must. Otherwise, plenty of pizzerias and ristorantes around the area.

Total per person: RM 177.41nett per person
  • Get the Vatican Museums Online here 
  • Skipped the line with this receipt, so quite convenient but the mass of people coming to Vatican is still a LOT so either way there's always so many people 

All in all, including major transportation with return flights from home, Roma Pass and museum entries and accommodations throughout our trip, everything cost down to MYR 4809.18!
(Which to me, is actually VERY affordable).

Total per person for entire trip (All in 10 days/ 9 nights, minus meals):
+ Return flights 
+ Two Intercity trains
+ Roma Pass 
+ Museums Access
MYR 4809.18nett per person. 

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