Airbnb at Venice, Mirano

Some of you may have seen my instagram posts @jacqkierowena on my Italian trip and may have wondered whether any of the posts I shared were too good to be true.

Well yes, they were too good, but still very true.

Staying in a place that looks like it came straight out of a postcard, with the friendliest of furry friends that would rub against you and shake your hand (YES) and with the loveliest family that would be kind enough to bring you to church together with them.

I don't usually endorse a lot of things, but I have gained so much from my experiences through Airbnb, that I admit it was what I have been looking for during all my travel years. To be able to meet locals from the places I've visited, ask questions, see them live. From Sri Lanka, to Japan, and now Italy. I'm just a young traveler, cool with innovations, and loving the idea to keep people around the world connected. So I'm always up for trying these things.

I'm dedicating this entire post about staying at the countryside in Venice because that's how lovely it was.

First, meet Cecilia. 

A 24 year old Masters of Architect student that started this Airbnb with her family. She's the designer of the entire beautiful loft. The little things, the grand idea, from small to big, she initiated it. Her dad, Sandro (not in pic) and mum (Monica) are both Engineer and Fashion Designer (but of course?!) respectively. The whole airbnb is being supported by the family, mostly parents, while the elder sister and younger sister help occasionally when they're around, including the three munchkins, Pippo, Minnie and Tina. THEY'RE THE CUTEST THINGS IN THE WORLD.

Tina the grumpy cat (but still so manja). She would come to visit us occasionally and hang around us, even wants to go inside the house (but mum is allergic to cats..).

Pippo and Minnie, disturbing us while we pick fresh parsleys from their backyard.
In a sec, Minnie turned her belly over to let Jessy rub her. Haha, attention seekers these cutes. 
YES, they have a field of fresh vegetables, fresh parsleys. Like SERIOUSLY. And Cecilia picked it up in her adorable little basket. SO CUTE. 

Cecilia's family lives with each other, and around each other. You've got the uncle on the right, the granduncle about a 100 metres away, and the aunty about so with her fancy glamping. 

And they've got this HUGE lawn just in front of the lawn, and behind their house. So huge, I bet Pippo and Minnie are so happy living, running around being animals. 

And then the loft. 
The magical loft. 


  ^We even got these sleeping masks.. And that teddy bear squeezed right in between the pillows. COME ON.

Yes there will be lots of photos of Pippo in it :))))
Bongiorno Pippo!! 

 ^Our neighbor, which is apparently a physiotherapist who loves music. Long hair, with tattoos and ripped shirts.

 ^They have this coffee maker which we grew to love so much that by the end of the trip we wanted one ourself... We eventually didn't buy because it was mighty expensive :O I loved it because it brings out the best thing about coffee... the smell! :P

And Yes, Pippo is STILL everywhere in our photos. 

 ^ Flowers picked from the garden, given by Cecilia's uncle.

Pastries made by Cecilia's mum every morning.

 ^Two floors loft. It came with a teddy for each room and smelled of fresh dew or wood. True story.

It wasn't just the fact that the surrounding of the house were peaceful, lovely, and smelled of wood - everything inside the house was impeccable and all these attention to details in the decoration, I really truly felt we were living in a magazine.

The cutleries, the windows, the vintage sofas, the mirror table.

My photos do no justice, so if you think it looks pretty in my pictures, double the impression. IT IS AS LOVELY AS IT LOOKS / SOUNDS LIKE. Quaint, quiet and peaceful. If this wasn't any of the reason you wanted to go on a holiday - you should reconsider. 

This beautiful, magical loft makes us want to come back home as fast as we can so we can just - chill there and play with Pippo, Minnie or Tin. They even got woods for heating, but it was springish summer, still a little cool, but not very cold that we needed fire. BUT SERIOUSLY, FIREPLACE. 

Their house is situated approximately 20 minutes away from city centre Venice, and about 5 minutes away from the nearest train station by car. In order to reach home, you'd have to stop at the nearest train station, which is Dolo, and ask Cecilia to pick you up :)

She was kind enough to pick us up everytime we went out and came back. We don't really spend really late in the city as well, because THE LOFT IS SO BEAUTIFUL WE JUST LIKE TO STAY AT HOME most of the time.

Since we reached around 2pm the first day and was considering not going out at night, I asked Cecilia whether her mum could teach us some typical Italian meals and eat there altogether. We paid for the sessions, but getting into Cecilia's mum's kitchen was priceless. There were so many things! So many types of spices, big fridge of cheese, wines - we were so fascinated by everything..

 ^Teaching us how to make pizzas :)  Jessy is super excited. While learning how to make these, Cecilia fed us with Gorgonzola cheese and bread, while her dad stuffed us with so much wine.. I was dizzy halfway through.

They even taught us how to make tiramisu which Jessy and I have since then made!

^We brought back some home the leftovers, and had some warm milk the morning after. Oh God, the goodness in all these, is too much.

Towards the end of our trip, Cecilia brought us to her aunt's glamping (equally shared with her mum) AND IT'S ALSO IMPOSSIBLY BEAUTIFUL. It's like looking at a real life Pinterest, it's insaneee.

What used to be an old cow factory, turned into a glamping area (camping, but with glam of course) where breakfasts and dinners are prepared.

I'm sure I've seen it somewhere in a movie...

This is the actual website: GLAMPING CANONICI LUXURY AT VENICE: 

Everything here are either preserved or bought from somewhere vintage including South Africa and Bali. Mostly preserved, like the wooden chairs and tables, lit up by these lovely vintage lamps, and flowers.

If that's not enough, she led us to this pathway to the camps which was a pathway of bamboo which will lit up at night because of the LED lights. 

Like seriously, it's so beautiful... 

Thank you so much Cecilia and family and doggies and kitty, for welcoming us to your home and for teaching us a thing or two about a life in Mirano, Venice. For your friendship. We loved every bit of it, that the idea of coming to the big city Rome was something daunting. 

This was truly one of the few trip, that was so relaxing and so beautiful to say the very least. 


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Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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