3D/ 2N in Intercontinental Pattaya Resort

This is going to be a straightforward post of how lovely the Intercontinental Pattaya is. The more interesting ones are coming up in a few weeks time :)

I actually won free stays from my company's annual staff party and I for one would not give it a pass. I coincide the trip with Stephie and Ingrid, but this time with Jessy (because I promised her).

Jessy and I head to Pattaya by bus we took from Victory Monument in Bangkok to Pattaya around 4pm. We were expecting to reach Pattaya around 6/7 pm, just in time for dinner, and a good sleep when we reach the hotel.

It was quite smooth sailing, except, by the time we reach Pattaya every other cabs we hailed said "they don't use meters". I don't even know what that means, but after living in KK for so long, I think I'm beginning to adapt to it. Doesn't mean I condone it, taxis should always have meter charges.

Once we reached......

Because Intercontinental is situated on a hill, maybe about 5 - 7 minutes away by car, they provided shuttle to the big mall, which oddly enough only the 2 of us took most of the time. 

The first night we reached the Grand Plaza, we ate so much, it's not funny. We were so hungry, you wouldn't imagine. 

The Intercontinental Hotel Pattaya 

 The next morning we woke up to..

 ^Actually our room was about 5 - 10 minutes walk to the reception cum restaurant, that they offered us a buggy ride when we first arrived.

Since our stay included free breakfast as well.. 

^I don't really have the eye for pretty things, but I do have the eyes for pleasure and goodness. This fish, which the chef passed around WAS SO GOOOOOOD. I decided to snap a photo of it :p

More photos of the incredible property :)

Not sure whether that was the beach... but it was just big waves of water just underneath it. We weren't too sure whether this was man made beach as well, because there was no one around to ask to either...

This property had like a few pools.

^We eventually swam in this one after the cooking class, because of the obscure look of a pathway, and it was so much cooling :)

Yay, perks of keeping your lucky draw prizes!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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