One night at Kundasang, Mile 36 Lodge

It's been ages since we're trying to fix a date and time to go for an outing together. Finally! We decided on a date and worked our way towards it.

And for Sabahans. There seem no other places.......

Mostly because it's so near to KK, and it's an entire world on its own. Cool, scenic, windy and refreshing, it's like an entirely new place yet so near from the city. And it's only less than 2 hours away from the city.

So it's only natural... everyone voted for Kundasang.

Mile 36 Lodge 

There were nine of us, so trying to find a place that could fit all 9 of us, was tricky. Eventually, we found Mile 36 Lodge who so conveniently have bunk beds and one king bed for all 10 of us. We fit in just like a big family, haha.

There were a full operating kitchen, outdoor barbecue pit extension, with stove, knives, plates and other utensils, sink, cutting board etc. IT WAS COMPLETE! We kinda underestimate the lodge, not only was it complete, it was clean, and still very cute.

No Mt Kinabalu view though. We were surrounded by trees and forests. Very near to the reception, making it easy for us to get wifi signals when we wanted to (not necessarily could be a good thing!). But really, absolutely no wifi signal in the room - have to go to reception T__________T

Mile 36 Lodge via : Click Here 
RM 480nett for 10 persons per night

Dinner and Games 

Most of us came from work, so if not tired, we were trying to catch up on sleep and rest. What I really love about this bunch was that the moment we stepped into the house, everyone started doing their own thing. Everyone was so responsible!

I wanted to help Lam with the BBQ but I failed at it miserably, and left the rest of the lighting to the men of the house. (I'm actually quite good with it, just that there were hanging out there, could give some bro time).

Sahlan is a MEAN cook. I wanted to make soup, but when I was doing my soup, everyone said it was tasteless :(:(:(:(:( so he altered my meal, and even made us awesome breakfast of fried rice, modified chicken meal, eggs and sausages. LOVE!

Some of us had no idea what to do (thanks to no television) they decided to play Monopoly and had such big laughs throughout the night. Nothing like a good ol games and conversations.

Glad we all could made it!

The next day 

We went on to see the Desa Dairy Farm, Sabah's most famous landmark. Probably most photographed as well. Who doesn't go to Desa Dairy Farm when they're in Kundasang?

Always packed, and jam though...

Some of them have never been there - so excitement was equally much. But like any tourist destinations, there were SO MANY people. The moment we reached the entrance, we saw throngs of people queueing up for the ice cream :O

We fell in love with this Kid, and from not wanting to feed it, we bought a bunch of things to be able to pet and feed it..

HA she escaped!

Okay - we'll give you some milk :)

After the visit to the dairy farm, I wanted to buy mum orchids (because it was mothers day), and went on to visit the J Nursery. The whole stretch of colours and fresh greens were so beautiful, that eventually, everyone bought one for their mums or themselves. So funny.

I know, sorry, bad choice of photo. There were much better looking flowers!

One night, is a perfect getaway!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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