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One night at Kundasang, Mile 36 Lodge

It's been ages since we're trying to fix a date and time to go for an outing together. Finally! We decided on a date and worked our way towards it.

And for Sabahans. There seem no other places.......

Mostly because it's so near to KK, and it's an entire world on its own. Cool, scenic, windy and refreshing, it's like an entirely new place yet so near from the city. And it's only less than 2 hours away from the city.

So it's only natural... everyone voted for Kundasang.

Mile 36 Lodge 

There were nine of us, so trying to find a place that could fit all 9 of us, was tricky. Eventually, we found Mile 36 Lodge who so conveniently have bunk beds and one king bed for all 10 of us. We fit in just like a big family, haha.

There were a full operating kitchen, outdoor barbecue pit extension, with stove, knives, plates and other utensils, sink, cutting board etc. IT WAS COMPLETE! We kinda underestimate the lodge, not only was it complete, it was clean, and still very cu…

Life's best teachers; lessons from the road

Like punks, blogs are not dead too.

I love my instagram, but nothing satisfies the craving to write, like a blog does. Now that I'm overwhelmed with my recent Bangkok and especially my Pattaya adventures, I feel like penning down some insights gained during this trip (before I forget them).

1)  No one cares how you get there 
No one really vividly describes how they end up in a picture perfect place, and no one seemed to ask either. The mass usually does not care, or bother to find out how you'd end up at your destination.

Which is distorted really, because one NEEDS to know how to get there. The best lessons learned are the ones within the journey itself. The dangerously close timeline of traveling from one city to another, the kind uncle Boon that helped navigate and bargain our way to a depressing floating market, strangers in a 3 persons bike ride, to walking 45 minutes under scorching hot sun because some guy duped you with directions, to taxi scams, and any of that hot m…