Family road trip and back to Kundasang

I am my home's biggest fan.

I love everything Sabah is made up of. The valleys, the hills, the people, the food, the sunsets, the jams, the malls. Last weekend, my family and I decided to spend the weekend away together in Kundasang; the famous highlands (one of the few places in Sabah to have a cool and breezy climate) approximately 2.5 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu city, the main jump off point to the beautiful Mt Kinabalu.

^Sister took some drawing materials and each of us took the time to draw something. Quite therapeutic. 

Some folks prefer to stay in Ranau, about an extra 20 - 30 mins drive from Kundasang town, probably because there are more shops in Ranau town then in Kundasang (by few really). After dark, Kundasang turns quiet and cold. Most local vendors would be home by then, and the only restaurants operating are the handful in town and the ones attached with the hotels / lodges. Ours included.

We reached Kundasang quite late, since we had to wait for Jessy from work and after eating Tuaran Mee in Tuaran :P

By the time we reached our stay, we were so beat.

We decided to stay in D'Olundus View Lodge - a colourful set of homes directly overlooking the Mt Kinabalu with a balcony. It came with breakfast (of noodles, fried rice, eggs and some really good coffee) so it was quite nice. The overall experience was pleasant with some dubious experiences for other residents, and there were times mum and Jessy were woken up mid morning by the sound of lorries revving up (it's located by the side of the road). The room fit four of us just nicely (two queen beds), water heater (essential, since it gets as low as 16C with breeze, we didn't even switched the fan on)  and TV. No kitchenettes, or any kitchen in general since I know Sabahans LOVE their BBQs, this is something maybe you'd like to consider? It didn't bother us because we expected to eat out since we were there for only one night :) Cooking a meal of four might just be more expensive than eating out.

After some rest, we decided on a hot and soupy dinner. YES POSSIBLE - STEAMBOAT! The only place we knew with steamboat was at this HUGE restaurant (and lodge, and function space, they do everything basically) called Puteri Nabalu. Everything is in pink - the walls, the flowers, you wouldn't miss it.

You can choose to steamboat outside at about 16C, with breeze and wind to your face or indoor, with heat and warmth << we chose inside simply because mum couldn't stand cool breeze over her hair and face.

^ I WON CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY YASSSS. This is how we learn to stay as a family.

The Next Morning

I kept bugging the family to go for a walk in the morning. Since we're located along the stretch of the famous vegetables and flowers vendors of Kundasang. We started the walk around 7am -- SO MANY PRETTY FLOWERS. My family is weak for greens and flowers, mum ended up buying hundreds worth of new flowers to nurture -_-

^ Look at these really small orchids!!

Desa Cattle Kundasang Farm 

The ever famous, among THE most photographed point of interest in Sabah - We came back to the Desa Cattle Kundasang Farm! Farm accidentally turned to MAJOR tourist attraction - for families, friends, kids and lovebirds alike - there is not one single soul that isn't snapping away its backdrop, or isn't interacting with the surroundings, eating ice creams, feeding the lambs, kissing the baby moos, taking a jump photo, smelling the flowers - it's one of the few places with bare minimum of things to do yet so much things to learn from. The Desa Cattle Kundasang Farm is one of the humblest place that had to evolve thanks to the demands of the tourists and visitors who crave for more things day by day.


Everything I just described above are the very reasons why I love the farm so much. Especially THIS - the scenery

 ^ I got their freshly made pizzas with their homemade cheese. SO GOOOD. Everything freshly made is always gooooood. And two yoghurt ice creams. TWO.

^Hi guys, when are you coming to visit me? - I just realised my shirt is black and white too hahahaha

^Family photo :)

It's great to be able to reconnect with my family and have a getaway from it all in such a beautiful place from somewhere just 2 hours drive away.

See you soon Kundasang!! (you're so near bah)

Tips: Kundasang is in the highlands, and the drive to Desa has gravels and at least 1 - 2km of uneven, bad roads. Any car should be okay, I used my Honda Jazz but if you can afford a 4WD, or jeep - that would be great!! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Good day,

Firstly, thank u for staying at D' Olundus View Lodge.. Hope u enjoyed it..

Actually, i want to ask for your permission if i can copy your picture (the drawing) for promotion purpose.. I'm thinking to upload it in our fb.. Personally, i really like the painting.. :-)

Thank you
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Hi there, sorry late!, yes you may, just make sure you credit me and maybe can link back to the blog 😊 Thank you for asking us.
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