Tamparuli Acoustic Getaway 2015 @ Borneo Orchard House

There is no right answer to camping, but yes.

Except. Well, okay I'll tell you about it later... 

Safuan and his friends (righfully called The Happen Makers) organised a Tamparuli Acoustic Getaway, which literally means an acoustic getaway at the beautiful Borneo Orchard House.

This is genius.

There were a few things, the fact that it's a musical weekend getaway and that us ladies are finally going camping together.... meant it was going to be nothing but fun. I invited Jessy along and we all drove to Tamparuli together :)

The last time I was in Tamparuli was a couple of years ago for Kiulu white water rafting. It's good to be back, but this time, the bridge had a very National Geographic feel to it; yellow frame and all. The girls were snapping away, it was too hot for me to comprehend so some of us stood by the stalls imagining how it would be like for drunkards to drink and drive near that bridge with no barricade around it.

That would be interesting. 

After lunch and the bridge visit, we arrived Borneo Orchard House welcomed by this epic view of Tamparuli. And nature. We decided to start working on our camp asap before it got dark and dangerous.

When we finally pitched our tent .... it started drizzling. So we took cover under our tent.... only to realise that the rain was getting heavier and heavier..... and heavier.... next thing we know water started seeping in.. and that we're soaked. Bloody drenched. Our tent was leaking and we were surrounded by rainwater all over, within 10 minutes we decided that it is officially a flash flood and the right thing to do was to run back home and find cover. So we did, leaving some bags (mine and Jessy specifically).

AND THEN. The event began. We were soaked, and I tried going back to the camp to find my clothes............ but they were all wet. So I had to take all of them out, dried all of them back home. Undies and all -_-

Went back to the event and enjoyed the best music I've had in such a LONG time! GOOD food, good garlic bread by host Danial, sister and best friends around me, great people, crazy talents (I'm talking magic). Everything pieced to a such perfect night!

SOO because of the flash flood...... we decided to sleep at home......


Waking up to pancakes and amazing views is the life.

We checked out around 12pm, and decided to eat at Tamparuli Town! SO GOOD. We wiped out everything.

What's famous in Tamparuli, egg noodle fried mee, this pork soup and veggies. 

What I really love about Kota Kinabalu, home basically it's how so near it is to the most beautiful places in the world. Less than 2 hours drive, I am already away from the crazy jam, from the malls I know nothing to spend on and from people I could get away from :)))))

For more: 
Borneo Orchard House on Airbnb 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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