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Tamparuli Acoustic Getaway 2015 @ Borneo Orchard House

There is no right answer to camping, but yes.

Except. Well, okay I'll tell you about it later... 

Safuan and his friends (righfully called The Happen Makers) organised a Tamparuli Acoustic Getaway, which literally means an acoustic getaway at the beautiful Borneo Orchard House.

This is genius.

There were a few things, the fact that it's a musical weekend getaway and that us ladies are finally going camping together.... meant it was going to be nothing but fun. I invited Jessy along and we all drove to Tamparuli together :)

The last time I was in Tamparuli was a couple of years ago for Kiulu white water rafting. It's good to be back, but this time, the bridge had a very National Geographic feel to it; yellow frame and all. The girls were snapping away, it was too hot for me to comprehend so some of us stood by the stalls imagining how it would be like for drunkards to drink and drive near that bridge with no barricade around it.

That would be interesting. 

Work/ Play in Kuta

Right after Siem Reap, I flew into Bali for work.

I was very excited to go back to Bali now that this time to Kuta.

My previous visit to Bali was a very leisure trip, one I spend on my own resting, reading and taking time to see the cultured things that make up Bali. I stayed in Ubud, didn’t move an inch while I was in Ubud, and didn’t even bother to explore any other place except... for Tanah Lot.

Now that I’m back!! And in the infamous Kuta!!

I stayed in the newest Starwood property in Indonesia; Four Points by Sheraton Bali Kuta. I’ve worked with them previously and was just so excited to meet the awesome people behind this beautiful property.

Look at how beautiful this hotel is. 

Petite Temple Suite Spa; Tropical pool, in-room massages and colourful breakfast

I was on overdrive from July to October, between the opening of the new restaurants, and volunteering in events, and the newfound passion with mum. There’s something going on every-day between these, family and friendships right up till October.

So this quarter, I decided to focus more on my first love, BLOGGING! 

This isn’t a travel blog, it just so happen that I feel most inspired to write after going to different places. This time, I want to share with you about my recent family trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I have never felt so … luxurious in any of my trips before, and this was that one that was. And we weren’t even spending money like water, it was just – that we had a good hotel, it was more laidback and relaxed. I am always so … “particular” about my budget when it comes to traveling, I’m not thrifty, I just like to make sure that what I’m buying is good value for money.

Before going to Siem Reap I spent my weekends trying to figure out “what kind of vacation this will be”. S…

Temple Running (with slippers and a 60 year old)

That disclaimer needs to come first because the idea of temple running is often associated with the impossibility for someone older (like my mum in this case) and it's often so overwhelmed with the idea of being young, tough and rough, having the right kits and the right shoes (unless you're in a huge tour group). Whoever invented this image?

Well, we did it with me on slippers (although I must say, not recommended though) and mum joining in.

Of course we didn't do ALL the temples in the Angkor Wat Central, in fact we only chose 4 from the selection. We wanted to be very honest with ourselves, do we really want to do temple running THE WHOLE 4 DAYS?

No, we wanted to do other local things, eat, meet local people, tuk tuk around and basically enjoy Siem Reap as we honestly would. Also, it was very impractical for mum to painfully follow us temple running throughout the trip.

So in a day we went to;

1) Angkor Wat
2) Bayon Temple
3) Angkor Thom
4) Ta Phrom (the Tomb Raider tem…