Day trip to Hiroshima

Japan is a nation rich in history. Some if not most of the innovation we know today have been attributed to Japan. But, there are times when Japan is in the history for the worst reason.

Hiroshima, 6 August 1945 marks a very tragic date to mankind. Hiroshima is the capital of the Hiroshima Prefecture, most known for being the first city on this planet to be wiped out by the first nuclear atomic bomb, used on civilians, and was done by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF). It was war times, world war 2 to be specific, and the war that was between the United States and its allies with Germany, Italy and it's ally - Japan (please correct me if I'm wrong, this is my understanding). With a far more complicated than meets the eye allegations, conspiracies and allies during the world war 2, with the United Kingdom, and Italy and some parts of Asia joining in the picture - war times were complicated, and difficult.

One thing was very clear - Hiroshima was the victim to the darkest side of war, weapons and destruction; an American B-29 Bomber, sparked, dropped and wiped out an estimated total of 80,000 soldiers and civilians, but injuries and radiations from the bomb have estimated killing up to 160, 000 people by the end of the year. It destroyed at least 70% of everything that was between the radius of 1.5 kilometres. Some, until today, have reported to have suffered various illnesses, including cancer, cell dislocation, and so on.

We decided to drop by Hiroshima to make full use of our Japan Rail 7 Day Pass, and I must say it was a great decision. Knowing nothing about this beautiful prefecture, it was only right for us to visit the memorial parks, the peace museum and check out the beautiful city. Hiroshima is a gorgeous place, although rebuilt just only 70 years ago, I am SO impressed by how far they have come, and how fast the Japanese have rebuilt themselves (it's something they're very famous for). It was a gazillion times more modern than some of the places I've visited albeit they have been around much longer. Trams, skycrappers, creative buildings, interesting pathways, peace parks, restaurants, markets. If one hadn't know about the history of the city, one wouldn't expect that it's a very young city.

Backpacking through Hiroshima city  

 Hiroshima is so beautiful 

We were there from 10am - 4pm, just enough time to learn a little bit about the city from its peace parks and memorial parks. I would recommend you to do the same if you have time :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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