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Day trip to Hiroshima

Japan is a nation rich in history. Some if not most of the innovation we know today have been attributed to Japan. But, there are times when Japan is in the history for the worst reason.

Hiroshima, 6 August 1945 marks a very tragic date to mankind. Hiroshima is the capital of the Hiroshima Prefecture, most known for being the first city on this planet to be wiped out by the first nuclear atomic bomb, used on civilians, and was done by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF). It was war times, world war 2 to be specific, and the war that was between the United States and its allies with Germany, Italy and it's ally - Japan (please correct me if I'm wrong, this is my understanding). With a far more complicated than meets the eye allegations, conspiracies and allies during the world war 2, with the United Kingdom, and Italy and some parts of Asia joining in the picture - war times were complicated, and difficult.

One thing was very clear - Hiroshima was the victim to the darke…

YB Senator

Been weeks since dad has been well and very much living in our conversations.

I think it started when Mum stumbled upon uncle Herald, a very good friend of my late dad during his "tougher" times. Ever since then, mum and brother have been sharing all the good times growing up, relating with me with the ones I remember. That seafood restaurant we never fail to visit before every movie. Brother's immense love for Tamiya because while dad spends an hour to get a massage next to the Tamiya shop, brother would drool over its new circuits. Dad's insistence in spending the weekend with us watching action-packed movies too long and too complicated for us to actually understand but it didn't matter because dad was there (although snoring loudly), letting us eat junk and pizzas just because he could treat us. He's really good at it too, my brother, always has the most animated, most visual descriptions when telling these moments I partially recall. And so honest while…