Nappark Hostel @ Tanee Road, Khaosan, Bangkok

I booked the entire Ladies NapSpace Dorm for all eight of us for at least 3 months ahead. Since they didn’t require deposit I was always at the edge of my seat, making sure that they don’t give away my reservations.

YES I can be super paranoid.

Angel, Ingrid and myself reached earlier than the rest of the gang so we were automatically tasked to look for the place. I was even more paranoid throughout the entire 2 hours journey to the hostel from Don Mueang Airport.

Is it supposed to be 2 hours?!?! 

We found out later that Michelle and the rest took less than half an hour with a cab to the hostel from Don Mueang Airport - I reckon that was kind of a good bus experience. EXCEPT – that we had to walk around the famous infamous Khaosan Hostel (where Hangover 2 filmed) in our rollers -_-“ seriously we are real backpackers who are just practical about shopping!! And yet we are roving around our rollers looking super impractical and lost in one of the busiest street in South East Asia.

Okay, nevermind. 

We got dropped off 15 minutes-walk off Nappark Hostel so we had to... WALK. I am usually good with walking all over the place, I did that for almost 8 hours in Seoul, but something about passing tourists, lots and LOTS of tourists tire me much easily. Through super huge Bangkok roads with all kinds of vehicles rushing through the hours. When we finally found Nappark Hostel, loved how it is located inside a comfy shady (by trees!!) area of Tanee Road, 5 minutes off Khaosan Road! Also loved that you can start shopping right of the entrance hehe

When we finally reached the hostel, checked ourselves in, we were told that our dorm is 4 floors up.

We looked at each other. TIME TO TRAIN THOSE BICEPS!

(I know my bestfriends would probably have cursed in their hearts but they never show it ^_^ they probably just want to kill me in my sleep)

And then HELLO! 

SO GOOD to have the entire floor / dorm to yourself! We had a fully functioning washing machine and a half functioning heater which seemed to work but really did not do its job quite right I guess.
A study table, our own shower rooms and toilets, and our favourite of all – a peaceful garden :)

^Our dorm actually has a balcony (but none of us used it because it's too hot outside.)

^Look at how beautiful the garden is! Gives me this great idea of turning a balcony into a small garden!! Or better yet, somewhere you can meditate or calm down - after all that shopping probably:)  

^The adorable shower room and toilets with typical Thai stuff on its rustic cemented wall :)  

For more:  

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Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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