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Nappark Hostel @ Tanee Road, Khaosan, Bangkok

I booked the entire Ladies NapSpace Dorm for all eight of us for at least 3 months ahead. Since they didn’t require deposit I was always at the edge of my seat, making sure that they don’t give away my reservations.

YES I can be super paranoid.

Angel, Ingrid and myself reached earlier than the rest of the gang so we were automatically tasked to look for the place. I was even more paranoid throughout the entire 2 hours journey to the hostel from Don Mueang Airport.

Is it supposed to be 2 hours?!?! 

We found out later that Michelle and the rest took less than half an hour with a cab to the hostel from Don Mueang Airport - I reckon that was kind of a good bus experience. EXCEPT – that we had to walk around the famous infamous Khaosan Hostel (where Hangover 2 filmed) in our rollers -_-“ seriously we are real backpackers who are just practical about shopping!! And yet we are roving around our rollers looking super impractical and lost in one of the busiest street in South East Asia.

Okay, n…

Day 4 - First day in Kyoto, Japan

Prior coming to this beautiful country, I asked those who've been to Japan which were their favourite cities, and why. 5/6 of my friends voted Kyoto as number 1 using similar keywords to describe their experience, authentic and beautiful.

I didn't know what to expect really... I never spent a lot of time Googling about Japan neither have I discussed a lot on this beautiful country, but I do know one thing - I love Japanese food...

I know so shallow. But thank God after this visit, I know a lot more about Japan than meets the eye.
The people, the lives, what matters, what are they looking forward to.

Upon reaching Kyoto (via Shinkansen and local train).

We started our day meeting up with our Airbnb host Ms Rumi (a self proclaimed grandma who proposed the idea to the owner of the home to turn that home we stayed in into a meeting point for conversations and gatherings for the people around her area - because "people are just too busy with their own lives, we don't talk a…