9 of my favourite food in Bangkok

The girls and I have been exchanging notes on what to eat before reaching Bangkok. Every other week we forwarded each other a blogpost, one or two notes on what our next dish, cuisine, bites should be, or what not to miss.

But really, nothing prepares you from actually being there. I honestly completely forgot what the recommendations were once we reached there. 

Flashes of the recommendations from the blog came to life when I finally started walking down the streets (Khaosan Road). Because we were there for only a few days, 3 nights to be specific, every second was a ready discovery. Right after we checked ourselves in, Angel, Ingrid and myself - decided to go for a walk around the streets to start working on our tastebuds.

You know - I always take my appetite for granted. And when I was in Bangkok, I made sure I appreciate my appetite! :)

Here are some of my favourite bites/ cuisine in Bangkok:

1) Coconut Ice Cream with a Choice of Three Toppings 
Fresh coconut ice cream with shaved coconut served in its shell with a choice of three of your favorite toppings including sticky rice, corn and peanuts!! (among plenty more including coconut jelly and the rest I forgot because I was so excited to eat this). These three toppings were my favorite combination!! And I ate this ice cream twice during the trip because.

Well Bangkok was hot ok.

2) Mango with Sticky Rice and Mango Fizz Soda 
I could do without the Mango Fizz Soda (but Audrey loved it) but I let my taste-buds take me wherever so I felt this was kind of ingenious either. I'm sure McDonalds have done it somewhere... sometime... but right then and there felt like the most perfect time to drink a Mango Fizz Soda.

I mean, where else should you have a Mango Fizz Soda besides right smack in the heat of a Chatuchak Market?? 

As for the Mango with Sticky Rice... where do I begin?! My best friends KNOW I love this dessert so much, mainly because of the mango but something about the sweet, gooey, crunchy (peanuts) combination about this bite makes THIS dessert - a heavenly one.

3) Garlic Bread with Chocolate 
Are you like me who would've thought of something simple like this but never seem to bother to make yourself one and then BAM you buy one of them of the streets of Bangkok for 20 Baht?

OK - Maybe it's just me. But I've always had this idea that Garlic Breads (I love Garlic Breads, the original they are the better!!) should be easily accessible ANYWHERE.

I get mine from the bakery and most of the time they're okay la - but THIS was a new level of genius. The idea is simple. Sell garlic bread of the streets, because you know, there's always time for fresh garlic bread, choose your toppings of chocolate, strawberry jam, peanut butter - whatever, and take it with you.

While I was busy getting lost in the crazy Chatuchak Market, separated from Angel, Ingrid and Michelle - I found solace in those food street stalls composing myself while trying anything I was curious about.

This was one of the stall I stopped at and loved.

5) Pork Satay / Stick 
Yuen, Kerry and Angel gave me to try a few of the meat on sticks (including spicy squid and something-sausage) but this Pork Satay was my FAVOURITE! I was surprised by its sweet, tender and delicious meat (there is no other non-mainstream way to describe it) at first try (by Yuen), that I bought another one just to be sure that they're consistent (really lo, this was my real reason). AND YES! THEY WERE.

However and whatever this was, this was a whole new level of satay. I LOVE IT.

After some reading, I found out that this is the famous pork satay that everyone is blogging about.

6) Spicy Papaya Salad 
This is my favourite Thai dish in the entire worldddddd. Back here in Malaysia I can eat this by the plates by myself. I usually prefer this with freshly fried fish/ prawn with sprinkles of peanuts. But when I was in Thailand all my preferences were thrown out of the window.

We had this Spicy Papaya Salad in a few seatings (I think my bestfriends were trying to cater to me hehehe) including right after when we checked in. We wanted to have some "bites" at first ... who knew we ordered plates of a variety of Thai dishes at our first seating......

Love Spicy Papaya Salad!! Getting excited just talking about it!!

7) Yellow Curry Prawn
WE TRIED A LOT OF FOOD. Seriously. That few days, I think we opened the floodgates of appetite. In one seating, we had up to 10 dishes for 8 of us, and *I think* some of us could still eat some more.

Holiday appetite I'd say.

Anyway - the first night all of us gathered and had dinner together, we ordered two sets of Yellow Curry Prawn (among many) and annihilated the dish.

What is that sauce?!

Giving in completely to the sinfulness of the dish, we ordered ANOTHER SET.

I wasn't joking when I said we gave in to that dish.

And it was gone in 10 seconds.

I'm sorry but this pic below is a Googled pic because none of us bothered snapping before eating. This pic looks too nice and too decent for a dish so good and sinful.

Pic source: Food.ndtv

8) Mama Noodle Salad 
And I've only tried it off Yuen's plate for a spoon bite.

I instantly loved it, maybe because it was also pretty nostalgic, back in Australia it was one of the instant noodle brand that Yuen and Carmen (the housemate) would always buy.

I missed it so much that I bought a pack of 5 when I reached Kota Kinabalu at MYR 6.50. Which is considered expensive I think..

Not the same lo :( 

Ps: This picture below looks divine :(

Pic source: Modernthaifood

9) Fried Pancake 
I was thinking hard about what else I ate in Bangkok and actually passionately loved. And then I realised, I kind of almost loved all of it heh EXCEPT of course those in this list made such an impact to me that I'd either want to order again or made me so happy. And the Fried Banana Chocolate Pancake HAS to be in this list because it was one of the earlier dessert we had off the street right after reaching Bangkok.

We were excited, hungry, overwhelmed, desperate, amused, all sorts of emotions lah right before we pounded into a coconut dessert and then THIS.

According to Angel, this is "roti canai with chocolate".


Picture by Evangelika 

These were my favourite Thai dishes/ Bangkok bites! For my friends who are reading, please comment what's yours in case I missed it or so that I can try them next time!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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