[18 sx] Sex Museum at Amsterdam

Disclaimer: I feel these photos are mild, however, what/ how you perceive them is beyond my control. So please be informed that there are photos of nudity and suggestions of sex and nudity before you proceed and that reading through them is your choice. Thank you! 


On our last day in Amsterdam, we booked ourselves a full day tour to Zaanse Schanse for WINDMILLS! We reached the city very early in the morning, and reached the main stop an hour early too.

While walking from the bus station to the main stop, I passed through the Sex Museum conveniently located just by the side of probably one of the busiest street in Amsterdam.

After seating mum, I went to check out the Sex Museum myself :P

I was a little shy at first, but after seeing so many more Asian couples giggling around I felt, HAH, I'm not so bad! At least I'm alone .. and can giggle to myself.

This sounds really childish yes, but a Sex Museum is something you would never see in Malaysia. EVER. The idea of dissecting the history of prostitution, pornography and sex itself is not something us fellow Malaysians really do, or talk, let alone having a complete museum itself. 

Rest assured - the experience was really an eye opener.

Everyone is welcomed by a male doll jerking himself. Hehe with sounds, mind you.

As you move inside, you'll see more and more stories and photos of the history itself and how pornography as well as prostitution have evolved.

Some of the funnier thing I saw was an honest account by a prostitute in the 1900s on her client list. She exposed some politicians, government workers, even rabbis, priests, teens, anyone you can imagine basically soliciting her!

It has a wide range of photos ranging from the history of sadomasochism, to the use of human bodies as part of art in our daily lives - it was really fascinating.

Let the photos do the talking!

SEE! I told you they were mild :P

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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