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Cooking class @ Silom Thai Cooking School

Deciding what to do as a group activity in Bangkok is not easy, but neither is it difficult either. My friends and I are so different in personality, so different in background and history, that to connect everyone with one common thing is almost impossible.

But if there is one thing we can quite agree on is .. FOOD. I mean, who doesn't love food?!

So I decided to enroll us in a cooking class!!

Since we were to stay in Le Meridien Bangkok along Bangrak road, I Googled cooking classes nearby and found Silom Thai Cooking School. After checking the reviews online, I was SUPER convinced that this will be a super activity for EVERYONE!

My initial reservation was to do it during lunch, but some reservations were mixed up and we ended up doing it for dinner. WHICH WAS A MUCH BETTER CHOICE!

We had to skip the market tour (breakfast and lunch have market tours, and 100 BAHT more expensive) and proceed with the cooking class - which was no big deal, because by evening we were all BEAT.


9 of my favourite food in Bangkok

The girls and I have been exchanging notes on what to eat before reaching Bangkok. Every other week we forwarded each other a blogpost, one or two notes on what our next dish, cuisine, bites should be, or what not to miss.

But really, nothing prepares you from actually being there. I honestly completely forgot what the recommendations were once we reached there. 

Flashes of the recommendations from the blog came to life when I finally started walking down the streets (Khaosan Road). Because we were there for only a few days, 3 nights to be specific, every second was a ready discovery. Right after we checked ourselves in, Angel, Ingrid and myself - decided to go for a walk around the streets to start working on our tastebuds.

You know - I always take my appetite for granted. And when I was in Bangkok, I made sure I appreciate my appetite! :)

Here are some of my favourite bites/ cuisine in Bangkok:

1) Coconut Ice Cream with a Choice of Three Toppings 
Fresh coconut ice cream with shaved …

Balinese Designs

"Balinese feel" 
"Bali inspired designs" 

I never took these words seriously until I was actually on holiday in Bali last year.


Seriously - from its carefully designed layout, to its intricately decorated interior to its perfectly manicured elements to its calming and relaxing gardens inspired - Bali has secret alleys and spaces and homes that are always SO captivating. That for a fact you WOULD get lost in that space.

It's the Bali pull.

Here are some of my favourite Balinese / Bali inspired designs I snapped while I was in Bali:

^Beautifully designed / curated rocks are prevalent in Bali 
^Long hallways - seem so at peace 
^Open garden concept balcony. Instead of a terrace, you're welcomed by greens 
^Bali is so huge on patios and they do them so effortlessly 
^Try open air bath tub after a good oil massage surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees 
^The famous Ibu Oka welcome.

Isn't Bali beautiful?! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqk…

[18 sx] Sex Museum at Amsterdam

Disclaimer: I feel these photos are mild, however, what/ how you perceive them is beyond my control. So please be informed that there are photos of nudity and suggestions of sex and nudity before you proceed and that reading through them is your choice. Thank you! 


On our last day in Amsterdam, we booked ourselves a full day tour to Zaanse Schanse for WINDMILLS! We reached the city very early in the morning, and reached the main stop an hour early too.

While walking from the bus station to the main stop, I passed through the Sex Museum conveniently located just by the side of probably one of the busiest street in Amsterdam.

After seating mum, I went to check out the Sex Museummyself :P

I was a little shy at first, but after seeing so many more Asian couples giggling around I felt, HAH, I'm not so bad! At least I'm alone .. and can giggle to myself.

This sounds really childish yes, but a Sex Museum is something you would never see in Malaysia. EVER. The idea of dissecting t…

My vulnerability issue

Last week I asked a very important favor from the closest people in my life: to not look for their friends during good times, only - but also during the most confusing, darkest times of their lives.

I have never been vulnerable to anyone, I have never let anyone 'see' me. And the best part of it all, there is a template of answers when someone asks me how I am, usually, "Great!" or "I'm good!" or simply "I'm okay." It doesn't necessarily mean that I may NOT be okay - it's just that - sometimes I simply have problems/ issues/ stresses (too) in my life and that they linger in my head (too).

But I never portray these. I thought I was motivating other people by not portraying them, but I wasn't completely honest.

The turn of events within these few weeks have changed my life.

A few weeks ago I listed down the things I needed to do to address "this", more like a strategy:

1) Admit I have a vulnerability issue
2) Let my lov…