One night at Langkah Syabas @ Kinarut

I understand I am always on the move. May it be for leisure or for work, I am always on the move. But the number one people who always get my attention is my FAMILY. 

My family and friends know this because I spend most of my weeknights with them (having to stay with them) and because we're just close that way.

I have always insisted on a family trip, so *I* took the liberty to organize this trip. I made sure it is SO NEAR to home that no one can say no to it, I made sure we're all in one car and come the same time so that we'd have to deal with each other throughout. I made sure that we're all in ONE ROOM (we can afford to, there's only 4 of us!) so that we can really spend the night together.

So I decided on Langkah Syabas Beach Resort  because of all the reasons I just mentioned. I had no expectations because I've never been to the shore / beach of the Kinarut Beach / Shore. After a 30 minutes drive (yes just 30 minutes!) we reached Langkah Syabas.

People were great - they welcomed us with a smile, we had a good parking right in front of the porch and we  were welcomed by TREES. SO MANY TREES!!

Not sure if we're in luck ... but a couple was to have their wedding that night and the beachfront was setup SOOO BEAUTIFULLY!! Mum and I were snapping everything away :))

 ^Our own private room with balcony.

^Some of the quirky things we brought 

 ^The sunset I was talking about in my Facebook

 ^Trees, palm trees, so many trees.

 ^The beautiful wedding hosted when we were there.

 ^We had a beautiful dinner at the Beringgis Seafood Restaurant.


Just as we walked out of our room to head to the restaurant, fireworks sprout out!! The wedding had fireworks halfway through it was AMAZING!

We were so lucky!

^I am so bad at taking food photos. 

So much fun under one night :)

What a quick way to get together with the family!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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