Japan - Day 3, Shinkansen to Kyoto

The first time I Googled about Japan, there were a lot of articles out there talking about the shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto. Everyone seemed to be wanting to give travelers out there one specific advice:


So we did just that. The ever so helpful and friendly Japanese customer service guy at the JR Office Station in Tokyo reserved us the seats on the right aisle a day before the actual departure. and guess what, WE MISSED IT.

I had a hunch that we would miss it because I wasn't confident in taking the train really early in the morning at 9.00am. But thank heavens for the awesomeness of the JR Pass, we can book the next train anytime we like from any JR Station! So we estimated our journey, this time to be expecting Tokyo Station in less than half an hour to be able to FINALLY catch the shinkansen to Kyoto.

Luckily this time we manage to reach Tokyo station on time. PHEW.

I was fidgeting the whole time making sure we don't miss the train again, eventhough the shinkansen was to come in 10 more minutes. I kept thinking in my head, if there is one Japanese mark they had left upon me as well was their punctuality. "If they say, they're coming at 11.30am, and leave at 11.32am, they must leave at 11.32am right? Like not a second late???"  

YES. Not a second late.

The truth of the matter is, it didn't matter whether you'd miss that 11.32am train, because Japan's rail system is crazy efficient by the time you would sulk because you missed that train, another one would have probably come by just in time for you to dry your eyes.

Japan's train system functions in such a way that you will not have the schedule to reschedule your entire day's itinerary.

Before we boarded the shinkansen (bullet train), we made sure we bought lunch from their awesome convenience stores (because we are to travel over lunch, from 11.30 am to 2.10pm).

I think I went a little crazy (like I always do, I love their convenience stores!!)

^Yes I know this is a lot. But how can I not??

The promised Mt Fuji peaking through when you sit on the right side of the shinkansen. This view is merely minutes away from the time you board the shinkansen, so HOLD YOUR pillow down and WAIT! 

This is the famous right-seated train ride from Tokyo to Kyoto to catch the iconic Mt Fuji captured in my short video :)

I slept on and off during the three hour journey because it was a little bit impossible  to check out the scenery outside when the shinkansen was going super fast. When I first tried, I fell so dizzy. But I couldn't help to look at some of the breathtaking views of the plains and hills of Japan, I mean, how can I not - it's Japan out there!

^I was so fascinated by this HUGE solar panel Panasonic building, I took a photo of it :p

I remember posting on Instagram on the stark difference of a train ride I had from Colombo in Sri Lanka to Kandy versus this trip from Tokyo to Kyoto. Same duration of three hours but I had to sit on the floor with my legs jutting out from the train in Sri Lanka, and the complete opposite in Japan. 

Which was absolutely fine! I just felt, oh my God, our lives are so beautifully different. Both the experiences were so priceless I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

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Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Elaine said…
Hi Jacqkie,
thanks for sharing. As I will be going to Tokyo in November, I would like to know if really it is difficult for us to find our way around..
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Hi Elaine! :)

Where will you be staying?

Tokyo is SUPER covered with trains, so I'm sure it will not be difficult.

Let me know if you need more insights!!


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