Camping at Mondikot Deer Camp

My colleagues and I are always on the lookout for interesting, obscure places to discover. A few weeks ago, we decided on a camp in the insides of Kaiduan Village. I found out that Kim's humble abode, hectares of deer farms has been giving access to more people now - and is now open to public!!

The road to Kaiduan Village is ... not that easy. Uncle Desmond recommended 4WD to go through the roads, generally, it is still okay for normal cars to pass through but once you enter the sides of the road that are parallel to the river - that can be a bit stressful!

Make sure you hire a 4WD, or bigger cars, or maybe even ask Uncle Desmond about it!

^Photo by Rodney O Brien - When asked Uncle Wembley about the significance of this rock he said, "oh we just saw it lying around and we decided to turn it over." HAHA cute.

I spoke to Mr Desmond of Mondikot Deer Camp of our arrangements and he has been SO KIND to provide us with ALL the necessary details! We planned to camp for only a night :)))

Because some of us worked till 3pm that evening, we reached the kampung late in the evening, around 5pm, almost 6pm while the rest reached around 7pm.

 I had to rush to the kitchen area (they have a complete kitchen station you wouldn't believe it!!) so that we don't miss the daylight to cook our meals. I was also so kancheong that we won't be able to make the fire in time before dark BUT, to my pleasant surprise - the firewoods had a fire catalyst (rubber) already that all we had to was to burn it an voila!!

We've got campfire!! :)

I'm not gonna say that it was not cheating HEHEHE - but really, this was quite convenient for city folks like us :P


 ^Massive bugs like this hanging out in the woods. I kept looking at these bugs because REALLY, I've never seen bugs these huge in real life before! SERIOUSLY

When uncle Wembley happily came to us with a black plastic bag, we knew we were in for an educational treat. He seemed ready to share with us some stuff, and he started distributing us these red beans and told us to eat it. LIKE, Just eat it. 

Where had it come from, what they were to taste like, it didn't matter, we believe him and we took a bite of its juicy meat. And then he said, try this "Limau Kasturi" (lime). 

I took a chunk of the lime and it tasted REALLY sweet. OMG! 

Apparently, these small red fruits are called "magic fruits" - magical enough to turn anything you eat after to something really sweet. 

I was so excited about this new-found discovery that I kept asking everyone to try it :)))  There mixed reactions - some said they didn't get to taste it sweet, some said it tasted weird but MOSTLY said it turned sweet!

^Magic fruits. Please ask the guard or Uncle Wembley for these magic fruits :) 

 ^Our camps! We were given kayaks / canoes for our use :) 

At night, we spent sometime eating and hanging out by the campfire talking about birds, the crazy city lives we have and the joy of getting away from it all once in a while like that night.

I even tried fishing (and failed miserably)!

SO GOOD to be out in the woods once in a while - I truly recommend Mondikot Deer Camp if you've got the time and 4WD to do so hehe.

Facebook: Mondikot Deer Camp 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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