Overview - Our Japan Essentials

I just came back from a trip to Japan (Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Osaka).

From my car, to my household items, Japanese influence is massive if not the biggest in my life, but I had never intended of visiting Japan ever until my trustee travelling partner, Daren invited me to.

I did all the research I could and next thing you know - I'm in love. AGAIN.

Like most of the countries I visited, and the amount of annual leaves I have, I am only able to explore a few cities within a few days. That means, a lot of walking or travelling!

We stayed in Tokyo for a few nights, took the train to the beautiful Kyoto (if not my favourite) and then stopped by Hiroshima for a day and then took the train to Osaka where we eventually flew out back to Malaysia. Safe to say, we made complete full use of the Japan Rail Pass. 


The number one essential for us was the Japan Rail Pass, which to us was godsend. Especially if you plan to visit different prefectures (or states we call it) in a span of either 7 / 21 or beyond days. Which I think is ideal, and might as well since you're in JAPAN already! It did us a huge favour because we were in Japan for about 9 days and we completely used the Japan rail all 7 days of it. And not only did it connect us to the prefectures, it also connected us to some of the big streets within the big prefectures itself like Shinjuku, Shibuya etc which saved us tons!

Minus the Japan Rail Pass, we Googled on accommodation one too many times to decide that the best way to go about our ideal requirements (which is to kill two birds with one stone - living close to the Japanese culture as well as getting an accommodation) was AirBnB. Just like I did in Sri Lanka. 

Read my homesteads via Airbnb in Sri Lanka here. 

I messaged the folks at AirBnb at least one year in advance right after getting my tickets because I WAS JUST TOO EXCITED !!!  Eventually I settled on three families / individuals separately at Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka (which I will blog about them later) and started communications and bookings with them.

Ms Rumi - Kyoto

Ms Noco - Osaka

Mr Ume - Tokyo

Transportation and accommodation done, there was just one more thing that comes as important as these two. FOOD.

The food in Japan is just GLORIOUS. We put aside the amount of money to use for food, some for the streets, some for more luxurious ones, but most of the time - it doesn't really go according to our budget *grins*. We stumbled upon good food ALL THE TIME in Japan that we decided that food should be one of our essential.

Eventually we spent most on our bucks, even much more than shopping (I mean it's Japan!) on food, and *wipes saliva* did not feel one bit guilty of it.


Got questions? Please leave in the comment! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Elaine said…
Thanks for sharing... hope to get more tips from you.. I will be traveling to Japan in Autumn... Its Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo.. Hope I can get more info from you is that alright?
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Hi Elaine,

Yes no problem! You can email me directly if you prefer so as well.

All the best with your planning :)

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