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Overview - Our Japan Essentials

I just came back from a trip to Japan (Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Osaka).

From my car, to my household items, Japanese influence is massive if not the biggest in my life, but I had never intended of visiting Japan ever until my trustee travelling partner, Daren invited me to.

I did all the research I could and next thing you know - I'm in love. AGAIN.

Like most of the countries I visited, and the amount of annual leaves I have, I am only able to explore a few cities within a few days. That means, a lot of walking or travelling!

We stayed in Tokyo for a few nights, took the train to the beautiful Kyoto (if not my favourite) and then stopped by Hiroshima for a day and then took the train to Osaka where we eventually flew out back to Malaysia. Safe to say, we made complete full use of the Japan Rail Pass. 

The number one essential for us was the Japan Rail Pass, which to us was godsend. Especially if you plan to visit different prefectures (or states we call it) in a span of either…

3 Simple Reasons to love Bali

I am one of those (lady) that was charmed by the beautiful Bali, through the movie Eat. Pray. Love. 

YES, there I said it.

Prior to the movie, I had absolutely no intention to go to Bali, mainly because of the hearsay that it is a tourist hive. And in reality? It IS a tourist hive. I have never seen a community of that much internationals in a local Asian town in my life. There were all kinds of nationality in Bali, that at one point I forgot that it's actually an Island of Indonesia.

I was reminded of Bali when Mum and I had a chat about the place the other day. I loved Bali but I understand why some people think it's lamented as an international village now.

And despite it being already SO popular, I've decided to list down, THREE reasons why Bali is simply awesome (and WHY we always come back for more).

1) Culture

Most of the places in Bali as I have said, are tourist hives. There is no escape from any tourist who is there on a holiday or working (everyone loves Bali), …