I am traveling again

The last time I traveled, was in July. Now I am back on my bag again, this time with a friend. I am so used to doing things and figuring things on my own, but a company is always good. 

This time I am carrying Life of Pi with me. I finished Albom's One More Day in one seating on the way to Singapore so I think I am starting the year good. Starting the year with books is always good. Life of Pi has been lying around at home. 

The planning of this trip reminded me of how far I've come as a "young adult". I used to love things that are cultured, now I love them SO much more. But besides that, I am more inclined to choose simpler things (with the occasional adventure) and indulge in moments that will slip through my hands faster than I could say, holiday again. Like having a good meal, visiting a day of a theme park that would cost me a month of my car's monthly installment, or a simple accommodation that I can connect with the owner more. 

The planning of this trip reminded me that I slowly know who I am. How lucky is that to be able to slowly know who you are? Or even know what you want? 

I have been a very lucky girl. 

So please anticipate for my posts on Instagram, @jacqkierowena to know where I'm heading tomorrow, or doing next, not out of bragging rights but to inspire you to wanting to do things for yourself :) 

Listening to - Fleetwood Mac, Landslide 


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