Weekend at Singapore

Last weekend I flew in to Singapore directly from Kota Kinabalu. Had it not been for the cheap fares I wouldn't have done that, I would have done the usual fly from KL after flying from KK. I don't know why but something about the latter is presumably cheaper.

Audrey and I go way back. She was my first few friends in KL when I moved there to study in 2006, my first few classmate, my first few family. All those years of our idiosyncrasies and honesty - we became the best of friends the rest of us could have.

We went through college, university, Australia, vacations and all the more together, she moved to SG, I moved back to KK, and for 9 years, we remain intact. She was literally in 1/3 of my life. I came to SG initially to catch the Laneway festival, but decided to cancel on it because I have a bigger trip this coming February. Minus being able to save a lot, this time, I get to really catch up with Audrey and Daren (who came from KL directly) and SLEEP in. We were lucky enough that Audrey hosted us, and that too in ton, saved our wallets.

We treated the trip super easy. We had good coffees, we visited Audrey's school, and we even randomly clubbed (because c'mon it's SG).

Daren and myself reached Friday night. We took our time to place our bags and then grabbed some food. GOOD GLORIOUS FOOD.

Daren doesn't usually eat a lot now that he has lost a ton of weight - he is so conscious about what he eats. Which is fine.. but this is that one trip where all hell broke loose. He loved the salted egg pork ribs so much that we came there the next day AGAIN. This was in Glutton's Bay. 

And how Auds conveniently stumbled upon the contestants from Masterchef Australia. I had no idea who they were - so I just helped her snapped their photo.

We decided to cool our self down after the big dinner by walking along the Marina Bay Sands. Oh my God, it was so beautiful. I mean, I know Singapore is spectacular - but I forgot how spectacular Singapore is! It is like the Hong Kong of this part of Asia, and the fact that it is Malaysia's neighbor? Unbelievable.

After the romantic walk along the Helix bridge - we caught on the watershow by chance with the CBD skyscrapers' as backdrop.

SOOOO Beautiful. 

It was kind of strange how Singapore is such a busy, overpopulated, dense city and yet, when you're all by yourself seeing time passes by - you are still alone. You can be alone.

And it took Singapore to stop me from walking too fast that night, it took the waterworks to do the job. Such a happy time.

Hi Marina Bay Sands, you're impossible. 

I had my jaw dropped all the time, throughout the walk - forgetting how beautiful Singapore was, again and again. I had no reason to like Singapore it was all concrete and fast moving escalators, but for some reason, I've got a new pair of eyes when I am on sightseeing mode.

Everything was fascinating.

What I love most about Singapore are all the small to medium enterprises that are functional, quirky and beyond my imagination that are scattered around small streets. I'm a quirky person myself, so to be able to stumble upon these - were so awesome.

And the fact that they brew on arts! They have art schools everywhere.

Quirky art gallery around the street. 

It's good to be back in Singapore as a tourist :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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