Highlights of Year 2014 in Pictures

Try listening to this while scrolling down! :)

Went to Bali - My Ubud  Paddy Views Vacation! I LOVE BALI

Roamed through the streets of Penang, Graffiti Art with mum 

Borneo International Marathon 10KM with the boys (of course I was last) 

10 Days, 9 Nights Euro Trip, PARIS!!!! EIFFEL TOWER! 

Actually eating French Food in France. Awesome 

Joined the church service in Notre (freaking) Dame

Walking around the picturesque Amsterdam canal!!

See WINDMILLS!! (like movies!!)

[18SX] The (in)famous red light district Experience in Amsterdam and the Sex Museum, Loved the experience, wouldn't be able to experience these exhibitions in Malaysia 

To just be in ISTANBUL, to embrace the sights, tastes and sounds of this incredibly beautiful city

Visited the Tulips Festival in Emirgan Park Istanbul which was mum's bucket list but it was so beautiful it became mine either (the stretch was as far as the eyes can see!!)

Watched Belly Dance by actual Middle Easterners, putting girls with tummy into the league!

The Bosphorus Cruise where East Meets West (The Black Sea and Sea of Marmara)

Harvest Festival with the Boys, Tent Hopping 

First time fishing!! (and actually my last ever since then, because I've been busy doing everything else) 

Scored a 5D/4N Island trip with the Ladies, SUPER GOOD

First time doing homestay at someone else's place 

My favourite epic 3 hours train ride (so far) Colombo - Kandy trip

Bathing the Elephants !! 

Genevieve's TURN

Lydia got hitched! - A Taylor's College Reunion

Photo by Carmen Chiam

Working in the beautiful Sandakan (or eating more like) and family followed suit

Another one is ENGAGED!

Nephews, nieces, my little heartbeats' birthdays! 

Photo by Aunty Rozanah

BEVERLY is hitched!!  

I have been very blessed with love and adventures this year, so I will continue living. I will not stop fostering relationships and materialising dreams out of comfort and fear, and I will keep motivating myself and the people around me. I don't do mass charities, but I try to do my little parts. 

A year wiser, got a bike and a blessed 2014. Happy new year everyone! 

Please comment below to remind me if I've missed some big moments!! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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