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Weekend at Singapore

Last weekend I flew in to Singapore directly from Kota Kinabalu. Had it not been for the cheap fares I wouldn't have done that, I would have done the usual fly from KL after flying from KK. I don't know why but something about the latter is presumably cheaper.

Audrey and I go way back. She was my first few friends in KL when I moved there to study in 2006, my first few classmate, my first few family. All those years of our idiosyncrasies and honesty - we became the best of friends the rest of us could have.

We went through college, university, Australia, vacations and all the more together, she moved to SG, I moved back to KK, and for 9 years, we remain intact. She was literally in 1/3 of my life. I came to SG initially to catch the Laneway festival, but decided to cancel on it because I have a bigger trip this coming February. Minus being able to save a lot, this time, I get to really catch up with Audrey and Daren (who came from KL directly) and SLEEP in. We were lucky enou…

My Travel Must Haves

My upcoming leisure trip to Singapore is going to be a short one.

It's going to be SO short, that my money might just not be all spent after all. HEE. The trip was meant for Laneway Festival but after calculating all the costs involved, I decided not to go to the festival and save for... the bigger trip next month. And because I'm a sucker for traveling - I decided to just go ahead with the flights bought and stay with Auds instead.

Because I travel quite often, both for work and leisure, I was wondering what made me so quick on my toes and my bags whenever I am asked to go somewhere or when I'm heading out somewhere. Because most of the time, these travel must have are prepacked in my bag!

I took the liberty (as also by request) to share with you what are my must haves when I'm on the road;

1) Travel Kit: Toothbrush and Toothpaste 
If there is one thing I particularly spend most of my shower time is, it's on brushing my teeth! Seriously! I would usually spend abou…

Value; when you can't have Everything

I booked a car just before the new years, and submitted my dear old Jose to a trusted car dealer to find himself a new owner. Since then, I have to rely on my brother or my mum to drive me around, even to my social outings *awkward* (still am probably till Feb).

On a separate occasion, I was even more busy finding my apartment a new tenant, someone who is willing to stay in the entire place on a long term basis. This whole new tenant thing came about because of the car. I had wanted to get myself a new car but the combination of both the commitment plus my ASB (nothing to hide here) will leave me nothing for my leisure expenses (yes, me and my average life).

So after finally nailing down and confirming that I am going to rent out my apartment, I had then, decided to get a new car. More like, I had to choose.

I had to choose between my hard-earned humble apartment or car to commit to. I don't know how super rich people understand a thing about value because I'm not in their sh…

Highlights of Year 2014 in Pictures

Try listening to this while scrolling down! :)

Went to Bali - My Ubud  Paddy Views Vacation! I LOVE BALI

Roamed through the streets of Penang, Graffiti Art with mum 

Borneo International Marathon 10KM with the boys (of course I was last) 

10 Days, 9 Nights Euro Trip, PARIS!!!! EIFFEL TOWER! 

Actually eating French Food in France. Awesome 

Joined the church service in Notre (freaking) Dame

Walking around the picturesque Amsterdam canal!!

See WINDMILLS!! (like movies!!)

[18SX] The (in)famous red light district Experience in Amsterdamand the Sex Museum, Loved the experience, wouldn't be able to experience these exhibitions in Malaysia 

To just be in ISTANBUL, to embrace the sights, tastes and sounds of this incredibly beautiful city

Visited the Tulips Festival in Emirgan Park Istanbul which was mum's bucket list but it was so beautiful it became mine either (the stretch was as far as the eyes can see!!)