Cafe Culture in Europe

One of the many thing that I missed and loved the most about Europe (Paris + Amsterdam) was its Cafe culture. Although I've only been to Paris and Amsterdam, I see the consistency in appreciating their coffees and that culture in these two cities.

Minus the fact that I don't really "drink coffees", I really love how you could catch up with your friends and families while enjoying the chill breeze of spring overlooking or having that adorable dandelions sprouting out around you as the backdrop, of course with french and dutch languages filling the air and buzz of the ever busy streets of Europe no matter how big or small. And that "see passersby" culture in Europe is so distinct to me I love telling everyone about it! What about the range of patisseries to choose from? Meringue? With cream or without? Green tea based teas or coffees? Light coffees? Eclairs? Chili sprinkles on top? The choices were endless. They have everything you could imagine!

My first breakfast in Paris

And that elegant tunes as pause fillers of your conversations just completes the experience.

"You mean you drink coffees and just look at people?"
"You don't even talk to the person next to you?"
YES. You just stare at people

And the thing about cafe culture in Europe is that, it is the original thing.

Breakfast in Jordaan Street Amsterdam
Europe is truly where arts and music and paintings and all things vintage originate from, Europe is where hipsters were born and lived in its truest form! They are among the oldest civilization, nations in the world who truly appreciate freedom of expression.

I miss the cafe culture in Europe. I miss its originality, its elegance, its flexibility, its classiness. I miss the fact that they don't even try to be cool, they just ARE. And that guests are to choose from the millions that fit their soul. Back alley? By the famous Seine River where millions flock every day? With music? There's one for every personality.

It's so special.

One of the view of the Cafe in Amsterdam

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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