The Future Birthday Letter I Wrote to Myself

"Dear Jacqkie,

You are probably going to regret reading this on your birthday. You are probably going to hate me for doing this world's most cliche thing, but for what it's worth, you have thought how this will (really) NOT hurt you, instead it could remind you of what your aspirations were for the year.

I have decided to not send this email to you on the 31st December, because I figured it will be too late to change the course of how you will remember your 2014.

You are writing this at your work desktop at the furthest corner of the office, and as you look around, you are reminded of how different things were a couple of years back when you were still in Kuala Lumpur. It's 6.38pm, and you have done most of the things for the day since 5PM. You have become a more organized person, a more reserved person when it comes to your judgement but most importantly you are slowly opening up to your colleagues. You have the biggest restraint when it comes to relationships, for whatever reasons, but now that you are slowly opening up, I couldn't imagine what could be when you're reading this. You're probably getting ready to hang out with them! :) In my humblest of request, I hope you do so.

2013 has been both interesting and fearful. The idea of jumping back into the whole nine yards is always scary, but you know how to strive to be happy, and the world knows he is a good man -- I hope you are having fun with him somehow.

You planned for a European trip to fulfill one of your mum's biggest dream, to see the tulips in real life. I pray to God, that you keep striving to make the trip happen and see it plastered all over your blog by the time reading this.

I am glad that you have become a better person. I have this faith that you are only going to be greater, and the humility you have in you... is astounding. Please stay grounded. In times of being a leader, in times of sharing advices, in times of celebration. Stay grounded.

I am stopping this email here not because I am done talking to you but because you are going home to catch dinner with your mum and your brother. Something of a domesticated practice that you have been going through for as long as you've been back.

Save money, don't do all the luxurious things in the world, they don't keep your soul at peace. You keep your soul at peace.

Happy 26th Birthday. I hope you have fun."

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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