Colombo, Sri Lanka

Traveling can be the most ADDICTIVE thing.

Just by a flick of a phone, you would stumble upon one breathtaking picture of a place you never knew, yet already loved. You tell yourself that it is yours to discover, and it's yours to learn. And then you start Googling about this mystical place. And like any hidden gem, the more you know about anything, the more in love you fall for it. Then you start searching for flights into that mystical place, hoping you'd stumble upon something more affordable. You'd look at your calendars every minute hoping you could somehow lock those dates in your head and tell the world that you're going to the most awesome place. Or you'd dream you'd be able to telepathically try and bring those dates nearer to you as fast as you can. In the most complex of excitement you're tangled in, you'd want to both tell the world and keep it to yourself.

And when the day came, when you're actually queuing up to board the plane; you applaud yourself because despite the workload, time, distance, finance etc, you are proud of yourself, simply because you are DOING IT, going to leave everything behind going to the unknown mystical place you fell in love with.

Kandy, was that mystical place for me. 

I had a few things in my bucket list, and climbing onto the top of an elephant, bathing it, as well as seeing hundreds of it pass by like the majestic animal they are was one of them. If you had seen my list of things to do in Sri Lanka, in all honesty, there was only one thing clearly written on that list, it was my No. 1 and actually, my only one.

"See Elephants".

I had no idea what else were there to do in Sri Lanka, teas? Okay that should be fairly easy. That's it?

But like any other travels - the idea of discovering places you know so little of is the charm and probably the exact reason why people are so in love with the idea of "traveling". Seeing the world with an open eyes will strip you from these blockades of expectations you've built after all that research. The wonders of learning new experience from new things, meeting their residents among others are little surprises you should embrace along the way.

I honestly had no idea what to expect from Sri Lanka. 

Upon reaching Colombo, we took the bus to the city with only our host's airbnb direction to guide us. When we reached the bus station, we were welcomed by these swarm of excitement and an unforgiving heat. I negotiated with Daren to pay for the tuk tuk driver to ride us to our host's home when we're welcomed by a young skinny chap in dreadlocks who so persistently convince us to choose him over the flocks around the bus station. Daren and I looked at each other? And nodded in agreement to just "trust this guy".

Nothing quite like the tuk tuk ride from the bus station to our homestay. Glaring heat, wedged up driver who wouldn't refuse to stop bargaining throughout the journey even though we have clearly said that "we would only pay this amount of money", loud Indian music [dude put it up louder when it was his favourite song was playing], being stuck in a jam right in between two HUGE lorries. It felt like the only way for you to not be spazzy of the whole scenario is by ... enjoying the moment.

Our itinerary was as such: 

First night in Colombo
Three nights in Kandy
Last Night in Colombo
Fly back to KL

We had 5 Nights, 6 Days.

The first night was meant for all the basic crash course of Sri Lanka, and what better way to start it off then at Colombo. We had a fiesta of a meal in the afternoon, did our rounds of shopping and making sense of the sights, sounds of Colombo, hopped into a bus to Mt Lavinia Beach (the sea that is part of the Indian Ocean, Very very beautiful) had the most romantic beach dinner, ate REALLY spicy stuff, stole a glance of a fireworks from another shop, hopped back into the bus, got lost.

Mt Lavinia Beach of Indian Ocean

I particularly love Indian and Thai food so I didn't put the brakes on when I was in Sri Lanka. I tried everything under the sun and loved every taste I discovered.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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