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Homestays via Airbnb at Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka was my first time trying out airbnb as a guest. My family has been hosting numerous people from all walks of life through airbnb and it's about time that we do the same in a place so foreign like Sri Lanka, to call our second home.

This trip was very close to my heart because I went with Daren after so long of not traveling together and to utilise airbnb seemed like the perfect choice.

Daren and I went through a couple of options, a lot of options actually, the more we read about all these wonderful hosts the more I fell in love with them, and the more I got indecisive. Eventually, we've decided that he is to decide on the stays at Kandy, while I needed to decide on the stays in Colombo.

Mr Dijen's House - First Home (First Night in Colombo)
Our first homestay via airbnb was in a very beautiful house with some very edgy black stone walls. Upon reaching the bus station, we followed Mr Dijen's instruction very closely  and options were the bus and tuk tuk. Beca…

Future Alam Borneo at Sandakan - 3rd & 4th October

For more info:!/futurealamborneo

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

The Eco Wildlife City Sandakan

I know I owe Sri Lanka's complete post for the longest time, but since I'm now going back and forth to Sandakan, I might as well share more on this beautiful eco wildlife city for all of you. Sri Lanka will take a LOT of my time which I'm working on at the moment.

For starters - If you and your family only have the weekends to spare to travel anywhere you could in Malaysia, please choose Sandakan. Especially if you have kids. Sandakan used to be British's main port after their first move from Kudat, and if you followed my Instagram you would have known that it was reputed to have the most millionaires in the world thanks to the timber industry. As a result? Till today, Sandakan houses some of the richest people in the world, but they camouflage with everyone else so humbly.

The last time I was in Sandakan was 14 years ago and a lot has changed since then. Not drastically, but you do have some international brands sprouting slowly now, and the charm of the wildlife reh…