Birthday Weekend, Gathering, and Reunion

That 9th of August weekend was one of the more happening weekends I've had in quite sometime. Naturally, I don't have happening weekends. I just don't. A few friends had their engagements and wedding at the same weekend but not at the same place.

Sister's 22nd Birthday 
I couldn't celebrate with my family that Saturday because I had another engagement to attend to, so we celebrated her birthday the Friday night before at this fancy restaurant called Kudos at town.

I got her a balloon bouquet and a tricky candle that relights after blowing. MUAHAHAHA. She kept blowing for a good 5 minutes only to realise that they were magic candles!

Simple setting, but food was to die for! We needed an alone time for the four of us too, so it was just perfect. That was the fastest fine dining experience I've ever had. I had my favourite pesto pasta, bro had his shank, mum fish, and seafood pizza. 


Genevieve's Engagement
And then there was Genes' engagement!! After 7 years I think, Ron finally put a ring on it, and they're on their next stage! Genes and I have been friends since we were in Primary 4, that makes it 14 years of friendship. We've been through primary, sunday school, and high school and remain crazy through it all so I am stoked for Genes and Ronald!!

Her engagement was done up very humbly at home with close family and friends, and we're soooo happy we're part of the ceremony :) :) :) :)


Lydia's Wedding + Mini Taylors Reunion 
Right after the engagement I flew to KL for Lydia's wedding at Park Royal. I was so excited to meet up with friends from Taylors! We met up with the rest for lunch before the dinner at Piccadily's and I must have been the happiest girl. Eventhough I was only in KL for one night, I am happy that everyone I love was sitting around me!

(I'm sure you've seen these photos)

LOOOOVEEE THESE PHOTOBOOTH PHOTOS done up by WOW Photo Booth!! Not only do they send these photos directly to your email, you get the hard copies as well.  I loved the photos so much I kept looking at it before I sleep, and ended up sleeping with these photos in my hands. Ahhh, I think I looked the happiest.

For the complete gallery:

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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