Saturday, August 23, 2014

MH - Malaysian Hospitality

When mum and I decided on our destinations for the Euro Trip back in February, we had left the vital bit the last thing to decide on - which airline?

Some friends told us to take Qatar Airways, rightfully so because they have had an excellent service record and they were in fact on promotion (which was just nice). Some proposed Singapore Airlines for the same reasons (which was quite expensive at that time). But mum wasn't sure about any other airlines but the airlines she grew up with, back in hay-day when there were absolutely no competitions.

So we did. "Plus, we should probably help them out"

We decided on Malaysia Airlines, largely because it should feel most like home when we're traveling 13 hours to Paris, and about 9 hours from Istanbul back to KL. Plus, the rates were pretty competitiv with Qatar Airways. So after locking in our tickets, we were ready for our long haul flights.


It was my first experience being on board Boeing A380 Double Decker that probably accommodated nearly 500 of us en route to Paris - and it was insanely amazing. I was wondering why we had two entrances (top and bottom) had I only seen the stairs going up the upper deck when I went to the lavatory halfway through the journey.

I was like, F*CK, this is a huge plane! As if seeing the huge plane's take-off through the external camera wasn't an indicator that the plane was gigantic. Minus the glamourised flawless take-off and the magnificent A380 at its glory sky high, the most worthy thing to speak about when it comes to Malaysian Airlines, above anything else and beyond was its service.

I have had always heard of the metaphor 'Home away from home' but nothing ever came close to pinning or living more like in that definition than being in THAT particular April 10, MH 20, 11.40PM flight from KL - Paris.

Smiles and welcome greetings were expected, but not the bit when they realised I had trouble sleeping, so they gave me a few more pillows and suggestion of some drinks to relax me. Or that part where they chatted with my mum because she had wandering eyes, or that bit when they noticed my colourful socks, or when they assured my mum she could have as much peanut snacks as she wanted, or the part when they asked us our destinations and shared some suggestions. All these with instinctive sincerity.

I haven't been trying a lot of other airlines, but others that I had used previously were not even the slightest bit of close to the service I had received from this spectacular bench of stewards and stewardess from this flight. I had forgotten why Malaysia Airlines was what it was, but that flight reminded me everything about my childhood, about my dad, about my mum, and why it was the most prestigious airline ever graced the sky in the 90s. It was like the Ratatouille of flight. Their hospitality was impeccable.

(while I slept like a baby the entire flight from Istanbul - KL)

I remembered trusting them with my toys, my games, and my parents who traveled a lot with them and in that 13 hours of probably the most amazing flight I had ever been on in my entire life, I remembered why exactly, why WE ALL loved Malaysia Airlines - its Malaysian Hospitality.

I had decided to share this story because I regretted not tweeting it to @MAS right after the flight, I regretted not telling the world what a remarkable the team @MAS had supporting its back, I had regretted not giving them credit.

All the deserving credit.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Birthday Weekend, Gathering, and Reunion

That 9th of August weekend was one of the more happening weekends I've had in quite sometime. Naturally, I don't have happening weekends. I just don't. A few friends had their engagements and wedding at the same weekend but not at the same place.

Sister's 22nd Birthday 
I couldn't celebrate with my family that Saturday because I had another engagement to attend to, so we celebrated her birthday the Friday night before at this fancy restaurant called Kudos at town.

I got her a balloon bouquet and a tricky candle that relights after blowing. MUAHAHAHA. She kept blowing for a good 5 minutes only to realise that they were magic candles!

Simple setting, but food was to die for! We needed an alone time for the four of us too, so it was just perfect. That was the fastest fine dining experience I've ever had. I had my favourite pesto pasta, bro had his shank, mum fish, and seafood pizza. 


Genevieve's Engagement
And then there was Genes' engagement!! After 7 years I think, Ron finally put a ring on it, and they're on their next stage! Genes and I have been friends since we were in Primary 4, that makes it 14 years of friendship. We've been through primary, sunday school, and high school and remain crazy through it all so I am stoked for Genes and Ronald!!

Her engagement was done up very humbly at home with close family and friends, and we're soooo happy we're part of the ceremony :) :) :) :)


Lydia's Wedding + Mini Taylors Reunion 
Right after the engagement I flew to KL for Lydia's wedding at Park Royal. I was so excited to meet up with friends from Taylors! We met up with the rest for lunch before the dinner at Piccadily's and I must have been the happiest girl. Eventhough I was only in KL for one night, I am happy that everyone I love was sitting around me!

(I'm sure you've seen these photos)

LOOOOVEEE THESE PHOTOBOOTH PHOTOS done up by WOW Photo Booth!! Not only do they send these photos directly to your email, you get the hard copies as well.  I loved the photos so much I kept looking at it before I sleep, and ended up sleeping with these photos in my hands. Ahhh, I think I looked the happiest.

For the complete gallery:

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Friday, August 15, 2014

ATAS Motor Show 2014 Happening This Weekend! 15 -17 August

Nothing like a kick ass motor show to kick start your weekend!

The Auto Traders Association of Sabah (ATAS) will be hosting their 6th ATAS Motor Show this weekend from 15th August - 17th August from 10am - 9pm at the Sabah Trade Centre in Likas.

Entrance fee? FREE.

This exhibition is the single biggest motor show in Sabah, so really, if you love all cars and motors, and are motor enthusiasts, you shouldn't miss this. I know a lot of Sabahans wouldn't, this is like their thing.

There will be over 40 participants during this ATAS Motor Show this year offering special promotions to visitors during the event and other lucky draw activities. Daring exhibitors will get to try a chance to conquer the 30 feet high Isuzu giant ramp.

The ATAS Motor Show 2014 participants include car dealerships such as Sime Darby (Ford & Jaguar-Land Rover), Universal Motor (Isuzu), Right Power (Hyundai), Inti Deras (Big Bikes), Edaran Tan Chong (Nissan), Fook Loi / Anak Sabah (Great Wall Motors), Maxspeed Auto (Mazda), Book Siew (Honda), Boston Auto (Chevrolet) and UMW Toyota.

For more information, call +60168269344 (Yvonne), or email or visit


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.