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6 Days Ago

It's been five days since I've loaded newsfeed of any kind. Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram.

6 Days ago we were shocked with yet another airplane tragedy. And in all honesty, the recurrence and the violence of it all made it a far more heartbreaking news to digest, yet alone understand - after the news, I had an indescribable magnitude of disappointment on weapons and war between nations buzzing me like a circle around me following me all day and haunting me in all of my daily tasks. I was overwhelmed.

I was greatly disappointed in a lot of bigger things in the world. So great that it took all the words from my being that I just, didn't know how to express anything about it.. Nothing could come out from me.

Added on by people's own rendition, interpretation, theories, stories, sensationalism, comments  about the event - I didn't want to continue to be drowned by it.

6 days ago, I decided I'm going to take my time to recover from the shock, to withhold the questi…

Jazz Bar in Kota Kinabalu, Sully's Bar at KK Times Square

It's been 3 years since I've started settling myself down here in KK. And within that year, I've got myself lingering around a good honest job, a good balance of work and play, restoring my faith back and creating adventures for myself.  
One of the loveliest found this year was this local Jazz/ Blues / Oldies band and/ or the Sully's Bar. Usually a 5 piece band, this band is probably as quoted by Chris the best band (musically) in Kota Kinabalu. They play the Bass, Cello, Organ, Harmonica and even the Congos.

I especially love how they sing and play to Malay musics as well, making them truly the coolest and most wholesome band around. If there's any one bar I truly recommend, this is it (and no they don't pay me to do this) I just figured a good gem should be shared. You see ladies in their headscarves, people coming with their kids - everyone comes to this bar!

Also, you'd be surprised to see some people breaking into dances at times. The crowd there is …

Istanbul in 3 Days

"Like a Tequila Shot after a couple of Long Island Teas. A perfect closure." - that was first thing that came to my mind when my friends asked me to describe the place (after Paris and Amsterdam). I just couldn't think of another way to end the trip but with a jolt of energy like Istanbul. Istanbul was the final leg to our 11 Days Trip from Paris - Amsterdam - Istanbul.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Istanbul was One of its kind.

The more I know about the beautiful city the more I fall really really hard for it. The people, the east meets west culture, its scenic esplanades, THE FOOD. Good glorious food.

Democratic and liberal, Turkey is a beautiful mish mash of a nation that is in the border with about 8 countries - Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Largely, of Islam by religion. Contrary to popular belief, Turkey's capital city is not Istanbul (although it is the largest, Ankara takes pride in being the main city). However, Istanbul is more no…

The different simple people I've met somewhere

I miss writing terribly.

This morning, I randomly browsed through my favourite blogs (travel ones, rightfully) and figured I should pen down some beautiful moments tonight, because, I just feel like it. After much thinking, I've decided to describe to you the different simple people I've met in my life while seeing the world.

Something tells me, that people who speak the same language as me are obliged to be better enough or kind enough to me (because I'm their people), so those who do not know how to speak the same language, or look like me - and yet, extended their kindness, must truly be something else.

That kind man that saw my mum carrying her own bags and decided to drive us to our destination

Yes, we trusted that man.

I asked this middle aged Turkish man in his full brown suit and small glasses drooping from his nose white hair on the sides, but barely, after 10 minutes of tossing and searching our hostel, failing miserably getting lost in the intersections of inter…