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Kaamatan Festival, Harvest Festival in Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

Malaysia is pretty reserved when it comes to partying. Malaysians on the other hand, know where to find the best parties or make the best parties.

And Sabahans undoubtedly, are the best at it.

If you ever wonder when exactly is the best time to visit this beautiful side of the world, try the month of May. Not only it is the best weather - all sun, all day (right on time for the harvest), it is also the month of learning of the natives in Sabah and also hum, partying. The month will start its monthlong harvest festival celebration, and this is when I strongly, strongly recommend you to explore the local districts in Sabah and get into their harvest festival parties.

Do not fly in Kota Kinabalu and flap around the city WAITING to be invited to these local village parties, you either make friends with locals to get into one, or humbly explore them yourself. Y'know, like classic old times exploration.

They start their games, drinking and singing the first thing in the morning right u…

Paris in 3 Days

My mum and I just spent 12 days traveling from Paris, to Amsterdam to Istanbul. Our main purpose of this trip was, wait for it, wait for it, for a plant.

Well not a, but basically we were chasing tulips. It all started when I showed my mum Fresh's blogposts on the Tulip Festival in Istanbul when she sat down unfazed, and said, "this is my dream. I have always wanted to see tulips. Tulips everywhere." 

And knowing me, the moment I even start thinking about it I try really hard to make my way to it. I told her, then let's do it. This was in January, and right after that we started cracking our head.

Paris Day 1

Since we were from Kota Kinabalu, we had to take a flight into Kuala Lumpur really early in the morning, spent our day with the loved ones, and made our way to KLIA in the evening for an 11pm flight. We reached Paris really early in the morning, around 6AM and had to manoeuvre our way to the hotel via shuttle train and tram.

Art Heals: Eclectic Ecstatic Community Art Night Returns in Kota Kinabalu

Eclectic Ecstatic, a monthly event that aims to bring together the entire creative community in Kota Kinabalu made its return at El Centro last month for its second installation with the theme of ‘Art Heals’.

One of the event’s main highlight was featuring the award-winning master piece from local naïve artist, Awang Fadilah (Jacqkie is a huge fan!!) and the Sabah Naïve Art Group. 50 over of their artworks which decorated the wall of El Centro added so much colours as well as creating unique visuals towards the event’s space. If you happen to love the artwork, you can purchase them as well because they are available for sale too.

On top of that, some of the Sabah’s top local acts came to show their support in which includes alternative-post rock band, Versatile; ukulele group, OrkesAkiuku; sister duo Alice Alive; and Jobless Giraffes featuring Scott Daryl Hadjiril from Diary of Us. There were other acts that took the stage were guitarist from melodic metal band A Million Evil Faces, A…