#marchmorefun GUINNESS St Patrick's 2014 Celebration in KK!

Thank God for a little get together at the ‘March More Fun’ month after all the craziness the month has witnessed.

For those of you who are wondering what Saint Patrick's Day is allllll about, this is a holiday celebrated annually on the 17th March in remembrance on the life of the famous patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. From the early golden years, the annual activities for this celebration particularly involves public parades and festivals, céilithe, and the wearing of green attire or shamrock, not to forget the tradition - beer chugs.

I still remember two years back when I walked pass a bar for a drink date with my collegemates. As I walked by, I was attracted by these festive decorationas and there were plenty of green clover around and the attendants were all dressed up fancy in their green uniforms! Back then, the only thing I knew was that they were celebrating St.Patrick’s Day. I pulled my friends over and insisted to have our drinks there instead of our usual hangout place. It was great atmosphere. People seemed to be having so much fun, some were cheering for the street performers, some were playing pool, some of them were holding a pint of beer on their hand all night long. That was my first time witnessing the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, what a sight.

It’s amazing how we still keep the tradition of celebrating the holy St.Patrick’s Day nowadays. 

This year St. Patrick’s Day celebration in town is hosted by the World’s favourite black brew GUINNESS®.   True to the theme of ‘March More Fun’, the celebration of all things green had gathered up Guinness fans together into raising a pint in selected participating outlets across Sabah. Not forgetting to mention the countdown towards the official St Patrick’s Day was truly a spectacular one as Guinness had a roving party in different popular drinkeries around the city including those located around KK Waterfront,Warisan Square, Metro Town as well as KK Times Square.

Participating outlets include Cock & Bull Bistro, Shamrock Irish Pub, Novus Karaoke and BarTzar at KK Waterfront, Oyster Bar and Hot Rod at Warisan Square, Bull Dog at Metro Town, Jarrod & Rawlins and Mr.Ho’s Fine Foods at KK Times Square.

For more information on upcoming events and festivities brought to you by the world’s iconic black brew GUINNESS®, connect with us on www.facebook.com/guinnessmalaysia. 

Booliyana @ Diyana


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