Year 2013 in Pictures

Update: Please listen to this song while you're going through hehe, I'm sure it's a lot more fun!  Trust me!


I've decided to compile some of the things that are close to my heart and the big things that happened to me in 2013 in pictures. This reminds me of what a fun 2013 it has been. Most items are hyperlinked so you can read thoroughly on those things :)

1) One Place from the Bucket List to visit Scrapped off  [Which was Borobudur, Yogyakarta, and I traveled Solo]

2) Went Camping behind my House because I really wanted to try it after so long living the City Life

3) But Decided That That Was Kind of Depressing and Went Camping along Kaiduan River with the Besties 

4) Participated in Kota Kinabalu City's CRAZY HARD Treasure Hunt [Seriously that Shit is not Possible] and won a LUCKY  DRAW instead HAHA WTF 

5) First Ever Exploring Labuan [after all these years!] + and got wasted after a LONG TIME

6) First Ever Time donating Blood to.. a stranger quite frankly, but over Kazie's request

7) Went to Sunset Music Festival, Drove 3 Hours Road Trip [Traveled Solo too] 

8) Finally walked with Mum during a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, All these While she did it Herself and Last Year Brother Joined Her, this will be annual Affair

9) Staff Party with the People that I Love

10) Had a Conference in KL - and visited the Old Office and these sweethearts!! 

11) Started off this Project with Some of my Best Friends 

12) Started Learning how to Bake - THIS WAS FOREVER ON MY LIST, FINALLY DID IT!!!

13) First time Voting Ever for the General Election - pretty cool Experience. Which I also volunteered to act in a video that says Voting is Cooler, than Not Voting. Showing off the indelible ink which was the talk of the town.

14) Mavis Got Married !

15) Yearlong of Salsa  - Like Almost every other Week
16) Climbed Mount Kinabalu!!!!!!!!

17) Participated in my First Ever Marathon which was only 10K really


19) Visited Yangon, Myanmar ^_^ [also solo traveling] for my Birthday 

20) Visited Bali, Indonesia as a revival to my cancelled trip in 2012 - YEAYYY

21) Went White Water Rafting with the Besties, Favorite Photo Remains... These

22) I (actually) Won "Best Costume" from the Halloween Party I Attended

23) Couchsurfed in Jakarta for the first Time Ever and Met Retno [I should really learn to take photos more]

24) Farewell for the Leader Chong [because she has been the class leader since 13 years old] ! Cheers for a 11 year Friendship - Nothing Will Change 

25) the Lovely Fatima got Married  

26) And so did JAY!!! 


28) Became an Aunt one too Many times ^_____________^ I pray to God I have the capacity to protect them and love them with all of my heart.


I've decided that last year's theme was people + my personal travel. As it should.
What a kind year it has been to me. To another happier, kinder year!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Anonymous said…
Wish there are more flights to Kudat. Too bad that when there is a tourist attraction spot, nobody is doing anything about it. Actually Sabah can be one of the richest states and can have more development. Power to freedom !
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Yes Kudat is a lovely place, waiting to be explored :)

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