My Christmas in Kota Kinabalu

Ever since I've settled down here at home after almost 6 years of being away for work + study in KL & Australia, I can tell you I’m only having loads of fun. I admit, initially it was a little tricky to get used to settle around since I’ve left Kota Kinabalu for quite sometime, so high school friends are either scattered all over the world, or have their families to get busy with. But that also means I can catch up with family… while I *blessedfully* [that’s not a word] can! I started off my 10 day break with a trip to Mantanani Island with a bunch of my colleagues. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the break with some deep sea snorkeling and sun. Of course celebrating Christmas here in KK has a lot more fun simply because we have a lot more freedom to sing all the songs with religious connotations freely and carols are ringing every where every day too ^_^

1) Christmas Tree 
Somehow somewhere along the line of me growing up, the Christmas tree decoration is entrusted to me. Or rather, I was probably the most gung ho to decorate so I’m guessing they finally rested the ‘responsibility’ on me. Last year, we decorated the tree with a ‘pink’ theme – simply to commemorate mum’s victory over Cancer. This year, mum decided to relive our younger days – and to think back about our ‘childhood’.

2) Around Town with Daren and Family 
Daren came down with the family so we decided to do a bit of a tour – inclusive of the Handicraft Market + The Upside Down House of Borneo (only the 5th of its kind in the world) + Kundasang (the foothill of Mt.Kinabalu) and last but not least, The Desa Cattle Farm! [Heard so much about the dairy farm we actually made it as our priority]. It’s an uphill drive, and took us about 3 hours! Thankfully, my Gen2 made it… I wouldn’t recommend a Gen 2 really o.O

3) Catching up with Friends & Family 
365 days in Kota Kinabalu, chances are of me spending some real quality time with the people I love most are honestly, scarce. I have my work cut out for me most of my days – I work on weekend at times and my friends are all over the world. BUT NOT CHRISTMAS! Christmas is that one time when everyone is in Kota Kinabalu! EVERYONE. Friends are on a break, families too. So this is the time when we actually catch up on all things important over gatherings, bowlings, movies, dinners.

Year end is the best time of the year, for sho.


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