Be your own Barista

The things you now can do with technology! 

You can be your own DJ, you can be your own travel writer, you can be your own boss, you can be your own restauranteur, and joining in the latest trend, you now can be your own barista.Which is perfect for me because I am a terrible coffeemaker. Everytime someone requests me to make coffees for them, I cringe, because I am quite intimidated at the idea. Often not I take the easy way out of using 3-in-1s in bulk and plonk them together and take the credit *_* 

You can now be your own barista and having a cup of brewed coffee at the comfort of your home is becoming an urban's latest trend. Coffee Bean invited us for the launch of the CBTL Single Serve Beverage System in Kota Kinabalu last month and we're lucky enough get a first hand opportunity to explore the machine and brew our own customized flavor cup of tea/ coffee.

Imagine the convenience of; 

1) Saving time and energy and petrol of not having to drive to the nearest coffee joint if you have your cravings for Coffee Bean fix

2)  What parking? [we all know how KK can be]. 

3) There is no hassle of getting the right caffeine fix anymore. The CBTL's capsule of espresso, coffee or tea into the machine, is a prefect cup of  coffee in hand with the same aroma you'd get when you brew your own or in coffeeshops.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has beautifully and magically transformed its coffee bean's recipes into a bite-sized capsule with the same aroma and the exact same taste as what you've loved at any of the Coffee Bean outlets. Each of the capsule is freshness-locked in order to keep the exquisite taste and aroma. 

CBTL system is offered in two models; Contata priced at RM780 (available in Grey or Black color), Kaldi [I like the ring to this, which was the name of the goatherd who first discovered the plant coffee] priced at RM880 (available in Metallic Red and Blue color). 

Both of the machines share the same features of an easy capsule insertion as well as with an automatic ejection with a large capsule drawer that holds up to 10 used capsules and an energy saving function (thumbs up for eliminating the worries of having that extra costly electricity bill!). 

Not forgetting the CBTL Milk Frother which is highly recommended for all the cappuccino and latte lover. It is designed for producing the right amount of heated milk and froth (Tips from the CBTL expert: Use only full cream milk to get the best taste of frothed milk!) 

Now the promotion......... we were told that they're having a kerayzee promotion only till the 31st of January, which is the main reason why I'm writing this to you. Below are the promotional packages available till 31 January, 2014. 

I believe in savings and promotions, so if you think your company or your department could use a coffee machine like this, this might be the best time to get one. 

And it's so convenient, and adorable. You could even wrap it up as a present / gift for someone's housewarming [along with truckloads of the capsule :D]

Contata + 1 Box of Capsules (10 capsules per box) worth RM802.50 at ONLY RM580 now. *savings of RM222.50

Kaldi + 1 Box of Capsules (10 capsules per box) worth RM902.50 at ONLY RM680 now. *savings of RM222.50

Kaldi + Milk Frother + 1 Box of Capsules (10 capsules per box) worth RM1,170.50 at ONLY RM799 now. *savings of RM371.50

10 Jalan Damai, Luyang,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
+60 88-318 771

Boolynaa Diyana


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