Pandora Art Carnival

We participated in the Pandora Art Carnival on Sunday, and I must say it was such a fun one. It was our first time ever participating in such a carnival, selling preloved items, snapping away really cool dressed people of the streets staying true with our concept, I guess one of the reason why I loved it, was because, it felt like a very close knit event; everyone seems to know everyone, close enough to break a dance in the middle of nowhere randomly, close enough that people were looking out for each other's booth, close enough that we were encouraging each other's booths.

It's a fairly small event, but you could tell the visitors were good and interested people. To top it all off, it's a local art event so you've got all kinds of art exhibitions, something I'd say you wouldn't easily get to find at any public areas on prime times, prime days. These are really young talented Sabahans. 

Initially we represented Borneo Street Wear but decided since we should contribute to the carnival in a more pro-active way (well, sorta) we decided to open our own bundle/ preloved booth. We've got new photos and new features for the page, so stay tuned. You will LOVE all of them! Just as much as we did!

My awesome lunch, local servings of hinava (SUPER FAVOURITE), pakis, bosou and nasi bukit.

Which basically says, 'don't buy, make your own' in Sabahan slang.

For MYR 5.

I saw the cutest thing too, a random outside clown teaching the designated clown for that carnival how to make different types and shapes of balloons. I was like AWWW this sight is too cute to pass! You can actually hear them muttering "ohh, you do this, then do that". Hehe.

Love this carnival because we break into dancing as and when we want to ;)

Natalie and Stephie.

But the stars of the day, really were.... THEM!

What started off as a game of redemption turn into a game of challenge I guess, Sabahans and non alike were "encouraging" each other to try Butod. The sago worm I mentioned previously here. Safuan actually managed to capture video of us eating the butod, so he shared it via Whatsapp and here are the distasteful pictures of us devouring the sago worms :D

Signing off for me is this beautiful little lady, who wore the prettiest lengha. I loved how she poses for me at the sight of my camera!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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