Lihing Cocktail Party

A couple of weeks back, Chris invited me over to a "special" cocktail party.  It was going to be a local Lihing mixer party, a type of local alcohol brewed and made by locals ourselves. I have attended all kinds of cocktail parties, but this was the first of its kind. And honestly, lihing wasn't really a favourite, so to give this drink a chance alongside with a bunch of really great  company was something I figured should be SO cool!

To start with, 'lihing' is a native produce of Sabah and some say they originated by the Kadazandusuns. They are made from fermented glutinous rice toppled and mixed with sugar and yeast. That makes lihing basically a rice wine. 

I took one photo from that night, which I have loaded on Instagram. The remaining of the photos are from Sabby, thank heavens Sabby. I thought I should share this cocktail party idea, because this has turned lihing (which I have religiously refused previously), a delicious treat!

The boys took charge most of the time. Nat, Steph and I personally were too scared of poisoning others so we tried others' instead  >.< 

Neville and Chris were thrown on a face-off on who could make the best smoothie, with random ingredients pushed to them. There were tons of them, that I must say, even I don't remember what they were! I remembered lime... dragon fruit... nata de coco.... and... some other stuff. I should have remembered them!


Neville's funky mix. I think I preferred his over Chris'. It had more taste, despite the bland look. But that's me. Some preferred Chris'.

Halfway through, some of us managed to insert in Cranium. Most of us never played before, only me and Natasha, so it was really funny seeing all of them confused most of the time. I played a couple of years back, so I knew most of it, but some finer details, not quite. 

Ladies doing their thing with their smoothies. Mmm, I must say the fruits made the rice wine taste sooo much better! 


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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