Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KK Bundle Fest // Big Jamm 2013

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Monday, August 26, 2013

My first Marathon // Borneo International Marathon 2013

Hi everyone, 

As you might have expected, I have taken some time to write about my first marathon experience especially for those who are interested to get started. I will first off start with the event itself. Borneo International Marathon is a marathon competition organized annually since its first installment in 2011. Ever since then, the number of participants have grown increasingly steady and this year alone welcomed nearly 5, 000 runners from all walks of life and from all over the world. Unfortunately for this event, it has gone through some uncanny journey as it was postponed twice this year, first due to the country’s general election, and secondly due to an unidentifiable rumours in relation to the election itself. Imagine the frustration the organizer and participants have gone through, knowing that they have worked and trained so hard prior to the race only to have it postponed. TWICE.  Must be brutal. 

I salute the organizers for keeping it together as well, and for staying true in what they believe in. That’s some true sportsmanship. If you want to see how they do their PR, you can check out their timeline on the Facebook Page here. Well done!

As it was for me, I was one of the participants that actually trained enough prior to my 10KM, before its first date. I woke up every morning around 5AM for my 2 – 4KM run before work. I used to do it everyday, only to learn my legs can get quite tired if it was done daily, so um okay I tell myself, let’s do it on alternate days, and it worked well for me! I had better stamina, and my legs weren’t giving up on me so easily. So I stick to the routine for almost 3 months, and I had Mt. Kinabalu coming up before this run, so you can say I did very little cardio for both these events separately. What was I thinking enrolling in all these events? NO IDEA.  I JUST HAD TO TELL MYSELF, LIFE IS MORE THAN WHAT I’M USED TO.

After Mt. Kinabalu which was in June, I died. It took my body 2 weeks to completely recuperate. And another 2 weeks to start of my daily routine again. That means I only started running again only in July, about a month before the 10KM. And for every run I did, I could never push myself past further 5KM so I figured I was doomed. 10KM means doubling what my body is so comfortable at! 

Yesterday’s date for the run seems like a challenge because the weeks before that also were raya. And you know what that means! Clean eating and higher metabolism meals seem impossible! Not only was it the food, it was the ample of houses to visit either, one after another. Okay, this is a typical Malaysian thing, filling ourselves with festive excuses L So eventually, I did ONE run a week before the actual day. /gulp 

The night before the run I had an engagement party to attend to. So I joined the bandwagon of carb-loading enough the night before with rice, proteins and stuff. This was my first marathon so I had no idea what carbloading can do for me but my common sense tells me that this could be another way of cheating energy into your body (instead of really having it in you). Some use it for insulin spike, while some use it to stock up basic energy. Once you have energy and complex carbs (with sugar) in your body, your brain will distract you less with the loss of water and sodium in your body throughout the run. Especially for long distance runners, losing a lot of sweat means losing a lot of sodium in your body. When your body loses its tank (fuel) this is when you are put into a mental endurance test, this is when your mind does wonders for your body, it’s like your mind can cheat your body to continue. 

Daren and Chris’ kickoff was at 5AM so I dropped them off first. Some friends invited me over to run with them, but frankly, I wasn’t sure I could do it. True enough, the moment we kicked off, I had to learn the hard way that training can never teach you “the crowd”. See when you train alone, you can run at YOUR pace with minimal distraction, but when you run with two thousand other runners around you, your momentum will be screwed. I panicked the first 3KM, and was lulling and stopping every few hundred metres (which was SO BAD). When I saw the 3KM mark, I stopped and told myself – you are not running for anyone here, you are running for yourself, fuck their pace, do yours.

And I did.

I started afresh after the 3rd KM, and went into a zone where no one around me existed, not even the cheers, not even the crowd, I followed my slow but sure pace for myself and it worked wonders. After the 3rd KM I paced and did not stop till the finishing line and made personal best time!

The greatest lesson I get from these training and doing amateur marathon eventually was – how I needed to know my body well. I needed to know whether carb loading worked for me, or whether I could listen to justin bieber while running (apparently I could) or whether I should stick to the wear that I’m used to instead of changing to the BIM’s official shirt like everyone else. We take the signals our body give us for granted until we are put to get to know them the hard way :) I think once we get to know our body well enough, we can be in control.


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pandora Art Carnival

We participated in the Pandora Art Carnival on Sunday, and I must say it was such a fun one. It was our first time ever participating in such a carnival, selling preloved items, snapping away really cool dressed people of the streets staying true with our concept, I guess one of the reason why I loved it, was because, it felt like a very close knit event; everyone seems to know everyone, close enough to break a dance in the middle of nowhere randomly, close enough that people were looking out for each other's booth, close enough that we were encouraging each other's booths.

It's a fairly small event, but you could tell the visitors were good and interested people. To top it all off, it's a local art event so you've got all kinds of art exhibitions, something I'd say you wouldn't easily get to find at any public areas on prime times, prime days. These are really young talented Sabahans. 

Initially we represented Borneo Street Wear but decided since we should contribute to the carnival in a more pro-active way (well, sorta) we decided to open our own bundle/ preloved booth. We've got new photos and new features for the page, so stay tuned. You will LOVE all of them! Just as much as we did!

My awesome lunch, local servings of hinava (SUPER FAVOURITE), pakis, bosou and nasi bukit.

Which basically says, 'don't buy, make your own' in Sabahan slang.

For MYR 5.

I saw the cutest thing too, a random outside clown teaching the designated clown for that carnival how to make different types and shapes of balloons. I was like AWWW this sight is too cute to pass! You can actually hear them muttering "ohh, you do this, then do that". Hehe.

Love this carnival because we break into dancing as and when we want to ;)

Natalie and Stephie.

But the stars of the day, really were.... THEM!

What started off as a game of redemption turn into a game of challenge I guess, Sabahans and non alike were "encouraging" each other to try Butod. The sago worm I mentioned previously here. Safuan actually managed to capture video of us eating the butod, so he shared it via Whatsapp and here are the distasteful pictures of us devouring the sago worms :D

Signing off for me is this beautiful little lady, who wore the prettiest lengha. I loved how she poses for me at the sight of my camera!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kitty & Phoenix

Two days ago, I found out that the kitty that I've been trying to domesticate for a few months now has left our home. I assumed this so because there are absolutely no signs of the kitty around anywhere after it had gone missing. I've reached out to Kitty till late by its favorite food tray's clinking noise, opened our doors wide open, and stayed by them (because it doesn't jump in through window) and rang it's toy bell every second for two nights now. I have loved it SO much, so so much.

All my life, I have never chained nor caged any of my pets, for reasons; I find it absolutely depressing and straining for them (some friends say I'm always a hippy that way). This might offend some, but the idea of caging and putting a leash on your pet friend almost feels like locking them down for our own rhyme and pleasure when we're home from work or anywhere. Caging for our own love. I'm not sure why I would reason so, but I do, and refuse the idea till today. I wanted them to roam free, and come back home with me at home with easy meals as incentives. It never seemed to "really work", and yet I never seem to give up either.

The very reason I wanted them to enjoy their freedom as (house) pets, is the very own reason why they left me. I know this rule of thumb about the animal instinct all along, but I never gave up on this idea. And even with the latest kitty's loss that I've been loving SO SO much, (you have no idea -- only my family knows how much I've loved and committed my time and energy to our family addition) I still CANNOT bring myself to cage my animals, while some say, protect.

The people that I love had told me all the similar things I have known all my life - that in animal kingdom (especially if you don't leash your pet friends) they will go. It's in their animal instinct to follow where the nature leads, and if especially they have reached a certain age of passing, they will wander, some remembers to return, some, will never. Mum had a cuter explanation of why Kitty left home, "God brought Kitty to other lonely people out there to accompany them."

Knowing my kitty will never run towards me while I scream my lungs out for it not to go under my tyres anymore has made me the most depressed I've been in months.. maybe even year.

Until, my sister told me that the baby kitten that I have just saved and brought home to the family and trained it to be adopted by the mother cat, had stopped breathing today. She wasn't sure what was the main cause, but we suspect it's because the mum (the adopted mum) has sat on the new kid (namely Phoenix, found at a shop called Phoenix) and suffocate it without realizing it.

I was devastated. I was heartbroken.

In my household, I have always been the one who takes really good care of my pets or any animals that have visited us. Everytime my pet runs off, the pain remains the same brutal devastation, but it still felt that particular loss was especially difficult. As it is with Kitty, and Phoenix because I figured I had particularly invested so much on them. I kiss them every day, I hug them to sleep, I amuse and entertain them on most of my days and nights, learned cat languages in order to give the "correct" responses to their actions (whatever they were). I was committed.

After this, I told myself I will get a pet dog puppy. I had plans and calculations in my head on how I'd like to raise it, but it seems to me that it will always conflict on how I would REALLY like to nurture my pet friends without lying to myself. Without leash.

I guess I have to figure this out sooner or later..


I actually feel better writing these all down. I'm not really a depressing person, but too many emotions bottled up about Kitty and Phoenix, my family will eventually get tired of listening to me, Facebook & Twitter are too influential for depressing statuses, that I figured penning it down would help. Heart's cleared now. Even on my way back yesterday, I had already told myself to stop thinking about it, but nothing more greater than the guilt of moving on I guess.

Please pray for my kind kittens! .. for me : )

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lihing Cocktail Party

A couple of weeks back, Chris invited me over to a "special" cocktail party.  It was going to be a local Lihing mixer party, a type of local alcohol brewed and made by locals ourselves. I have attended all kinds of cocktail parties, but this was the first of its kind. And honestly, lihing wasn't really a favourite, so to give this drink a chance alongside with a bunch of really great  company was something I figured should be SO cool!

To start with, 'lihing' is a native produce of Sabah and some say they originated by the Kadazandusuns. They are made from fermented glutinous rice toppled and mixed with sugar and yeast. That makes lihing basically a rice wine. 

I took one photo from that night, which I have loaded on Instagram. The remaining of the photos are from Sabby, thank heavens Sabby. I thought I should share this cocktail party idea, because this has turned lihing (which I have religiously refused previously), a delicious treat!

The boys took charge most of the time. Nat, Steph and I personally were too scared of poisoning others so we tried others' instead  >.< 

Neville and Chris were thrown on a face-off on who could make the best smoothie, with random ingredients pushed to them. There were tons of them, that I must say, even I don't remember what they were! I remembered lime... dragon fruit... nata de coco.... and... some other stuff. I should have remembered them!


Neville's funky mix. I think I preferred his over Chris'. It had more taste, despite the bland look. But that's me. Some preferred Chris'.

Halfway through, some of us managed to insert in Cranium. Most of us never played before, only me and Natasha, so it was really funny seeing all of them confused most of the time. I played a couple of years back, so I knew most of it, but some finer details, not quite. 

Ladies doing their thing with their smoothies. Mmm, I must say the fruits made the rice wine taste sooo much better! 


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

My latest obsession(s)

Nothing fancy, glamorous and expensive. My latest obsession are just my kittens :)

I am so in love and protective of them. I'd leave office early, just to catch and play with them. I hold them close to my heart, and I kiss them whenever possible. The funniest thing about it, is that until today I have not named the kittens, eventhough the newest but the eldest addition has been a few months old now.

My brother did named them eventually, something I don't think I quite like, so I've decided to just call the eldest Kitty Cat for now.

Okay, that's my quick update for now. I owe myself an update.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.