Tamu Donggongon

Ever since we started our little project, my antenna for all things fashion has heightened. I'd recognise people putting up colours on themselves, starts nit picking on the things that people would wear (in a good way of course), and just basically be more interested in dressing up. I've always thought that punchline, no one's just ugly, just lazy is a cold statement, but after knowing the tricks on how to be affordable, how easy looking good can be - that must be a true statement I figured myself.

Last weekend, after all the raving of thrift shopping everyone has mentioned through BSW, I decided I needed to know it myself. After all, if that's the culture here in this part of the world, best to get to know it!

I started my Sunday with a big breakfast with mum and bro, the usual. After breakfast, I told them that I'd go separately, as I've decided to explore the beautiful Tamu Donggongon this time. Tamu, which is affectionately called by the locals here in Sabah is basically an open market that sells from anything to everything. Donggongon is a local town that is about 15 minutes away from the city center, some say it's the most native potent area you can think of in Sabah :D

You have dry foods, hardware, clothes, meals, anything you can think of is available in this market, trust me. The moment I stepped into the area, I was just engulfed with curiosity and ... happiness really.

Something about being part in the push, the pull, and the whole economics of that local market that Sunday morning was like a breath of fresh air, something I know already, but not fully familiar either. Because you don't know so much, and if you're a first timer, best let the crowd bring you to wherever the actions are. A lot of the stuff will be foreign to you and I, but that's the best part about it. Nothing beats exploring.

It took me about an hour to actually absorb the awesomeness of that little tamu that has caused little and big cars jammed up around its corners; for me to be able to kickstart my getting around, and talking to the locals. Good foods were everywhere, great raw materials abundantly available, colours sprung out, everyone was friendly. This is what you call, LOVE IT.

The first thing I did upon setting my foot on that market was to prowl for the best dressed folks. I was snapping every few minutes, even asked the skepticals whether they would mind, some hid away, some gladly. The hardest part about this project is definitely, the convincing. Everyone is insecure about allowing themselves to appear public, but I've done all sorts of ways to make sure this will take off :)

Stephie and I came up with this project called the 'Borneo Street Wear', a page that compiles the best and quirkiest find around Borneo. Some items are tips, while most are street wears :) If you have any tips or suggestions you would like, please email them to us at borneostreetwear@gmail.com. I know you've got some questions if you haven't been to this beautiful area, so please drop me an email and I will go all my ways to help you out :) 

BTW this is Butod.

It is actually a beetle or also a sago worm with the sago palm as their main feed. The locals love it for its taste, much like coconut milk (I'm guessing it's because that's what they eat) and it's... well, chewy. I've never personally tried it myself - never got around to do it, but I'm sure I'll be up for it if there's someone to share it with me :E  Here are the suggestions on how to cook butod.

Halfway through my wandering, Chris who has been numerously featured on our page did this stunt (yet again). Asked me whether I could lend him a scissor, and then he started chopping off his shoes, I was like wha---.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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