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Tamu Donggongon

Ever since we started our little project, my antenna for all things fashion has heightened. I'd recognise people putting up colours on themselves, starts nit picking on the things that people would wear (in a good way of course), and just basically be more interested in dressing up. I've always thought that punchline, no one's just ugly, just lazy is a cold statement, but after knowing the tricks on how to be affordable, how easy looking good can be - that must be a true statement I figured myself.

Last weekend, after all the raving of thrift shopping everyone has mentioned through BSW, I decided I needed to know it myself. After all, if that's the culture here in this part of the world, best to get to know it!

I started my Sunday with a big breakfast with mum and bro, the usual. After breakfast, I told them that I'd go separately, as I've decided to explore the beautiful Tamu Donggongon this time. Tamu, which is affectionately called by the locals here in S…

First Ever Food Post

You know you're ageing when you talk a lot about the (genuinely) good things in life; like food, places, friends and laughters. Instead of material things. I don't know, maybe it's the ageing me instead.

This time, I'm going to talk about how domesticated I've been! I've been engrossed with all things baking and cooking these past few weeks, it's like I am slowly settling in.

A couple of weeks back was the FIRST TIME I'VE EVER BAKED. Like, I didn't even know what "pre-heat" meant or how F and C differed (like seriously) and how to proportion ingredients. It’s damn sad.

But I knew I had to do one thing. One thing… I knew I had to learn how to bake an apple pie. I love my apple pie. So much that it was really the push that I needed for me to actually pick up baking and go. So that Sunday, I decided Imma bake an apple pie and top it with vanilla ice cream!

Climbing Mt. Kinabalu

A couple of weeks back some friends and I decided to hike up Mt. Kinabalu. Although this was pre-arranged a couple of months before (I think), I kept forgetting the exact dates (because they changed a few times) we were going to hike up, and how everything's going to be sorted out. For training, I only did cardio in the morning about 2 - 4 km before going off to work. Loved the routine which I've stopped ever since because it took me about a week to recover/ recuperate from the hike and another week which was just pure laziness.

Let me briefly explain to you how these hikings are different from one another. Firstly, there are two types of routes, via Mesilau and via Timpohon Gate (Kinabalu Park). Mesilau's track is 2KM more and are mostly off road which means there are areas with no proper climbing stairs.

You'd have to climb up the boulders and rocks, at one point I even hiked using all four limbs, not kidding. 2KM uphill is almost equivalent of another 2 - 3 hours o…