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Camping at Kaiduan, Papar

The gang and I have always wanted to go camping since, last year. Morris and I especially have been bugging and pushing everyone to make it happen, but for the strangest reason we can never seem to. 
Thankfully, it finally happened last weekend! Kim was in town, and she suggested to camp at her dad's place so we were really excited for the whole thing. Updated: Unfortunately, I fell sick the entire week after. I had no idea what happened, but I was so weak it wasn't funny :(
We're lucky enough that Kaiduan (Kim's place) is less than an hour way from the city, so even if we left the city at 1pm on a Saturday, we would still have ample of time to waste when we reach there. WHICH WE DID. 

Reached there almost 3pm I think, and we decided to get acquainted with the place immediately. There was five of us, Morris, Wan, Kim, Melissa and Me. Melissa wasn't feeling the best so she had a nap while the rest of us decided to hike a little. 

Kaiduan is so beautiful. It is expe…

Parangritis Beach

I never really mentioned about the Parangritis Beach I visited when I was in Jogja, so I thought this would be a perfect time to bring it up. When I was there, I was constantly surprised over and over at the number of excursions and the quality of excursions one can do in Jogja. I really think Jogja is underrated.
I asked around whether there's any beach nearby that I could dive myself into, unfortunately, not quite. Some are either hours away, while another one a local favourite is the Parangritis Beach. It is a little special in a way, the sands are black and warm, it has a little story behind it, believed that the beach is the gate to Ratu Kidul's magical kingdom who has been controlling the southern sea.
When I told some of the guys in my hostel that I'm going to Parangritis Beach, alone, they had the strangest of expression in their face, some convinced me to bike there with one of the rider, some told me not to go because it's too far, bla bla I was quite dete…

11th KK City Treasure Hunt & Staff Party

Last week, while I was busy in the office rummaging through work, I overheard my colleague Lamri saying about a treasure hunt competition around city. I went straight to him and asked for more details, asked some friends whether they'd like to participate, and voila! we formed two groups.

Arranging the teams were a little tricky, because we found out about the competition on Friday, 19th April and the closing date was the following Monday, 22nd April. So imagine the back and forth we had to go through trying to squeeze in right before the closing date. 
The night before the competition we had a briefing that basically told us the questions are either impossible or it takes some loony to figure them out. Thaaaatttttt didn't stop us. Some of us even managed to go to some parties, while some went straight back home to have an early night.

My awesome team;

The Hunt basically consists of three legs; 
1) Leg 1 - Passport In order for you to move on to your next Legs and further chal…