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What's up here

It's been quite awhile since I've post something besides traveling. Surely, I've got more things in my head right, ah you have no idea. The amount of things I asked, and the quality of questions that bug me everyday. I am always asking.
I have a lot of international friends, of which I met from traveling, blog and on other social connections. Now with all the fiasco that is happening in Sabah, I have been bombarded with so many questions by them; what happened? Why now? What was the cause? Most of us Sabahans are so revengeful, so hateful, in our response that I myself am repelled by us. How can we not, all the events that have happened in the past 30 - 40 years that are now brought to light have been proven to be so unfaltering to us. 
If you have read the countless of reports and news on both local and international news, alternative or mainstream you would know about the Sultanates of Sulu claim on Sabah. This whole claim has the world's most complicated issue enta…