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Jogja Day 3 - Prambanan, Wayang Kulit

I wanted to collapse Day 3 and Day 4 of Jogja together until I figured wow, I really shouldn't because Prambanan has a lot of information too. Borobudur and Prambanan are the two most famous landmarks of Yogjakarta. Tourists, travelers and other visitors in general come to Jogja and prioritize these two at their top of the list. So I too did exactly just that. 
I visited Prambanan the day after Borobudur. This time, I didn't go through any tour packages because I was told that accessing Prambanan via public buses is feasible. Thank heavens that Sosrowijayan Street (where I was staying) is less than 5 minutes walk from the bus station (also known as Trans Jogja), so I hopped on to it and told the excellent guest relations officers about my intentions to head to Prambanan and they were so great at guiding on which buses to get into.

Waited for the right bus in less than 15 minutes (excellent frequency of Trans Jogja buses too) and I was well on my way! The journey to Prambanan …

Good days

I've only begun reading the overrated, incredibly famous, best-seller Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love. Before reading it, I've had all sorts of testimonials from people regarding the book / movie. Good, bad and mixed. I watched the movie before the book, and quite frankly even so, it really did made an impact on me. Most of the time I'm satisfied with my own judgement so I must say, no biased opinions have made its way to mine about this piece. Some say it's shallow, some say it's necessary, I can only say that.... it's what I could use. 
After the movie, I made some very distinctive choices that I will not disclose here. For one, I've decided that it's high time that I make decisions that would be good for my soul. And that I needed to know who I am and who I want to be, rather than keeping afloat with what life has somehow predetermine for me. 
Some changes in life are necessary, some are compulsory. Often not, we do not see the light at the en…

Jogja - Day 2 (Borobudur Temple)

There was one fine afternoon, as I was sitting alone enjoying the ample of time in my hands by the hostel’s balcony looking over different tourists with different accents and different features passing by, now a good friend who’s working in that hotel sat next to me and started chatting up with me about Sabah. As I was telling him all the ground info and rules he should know before coming over, I cut it short by asking him to pay us Sabahans a visit and he shyly nodded.

The main reason why I cut him short on Sabah was because I wanted to continue our conversation on his beautiful home Jogja instead. I was ready with all my question, a little too inquisitive that way. The information from this paragraph is derived purely from our conversation so please forgive any misinterpretations. He told me that Buddhism and Hinduism were the oldest “religions” in Indonesia, mainly populating in Central Java of Indonesia. As the years passed by, where Arabic traders wheezed through all sorts of open…

Jogjakarta - Day 1

After getting into the new job, my limbs were stretched to all kinds of far. I have been busy with a lot of things, projects, catching up with family, friends and just life in general. A lot of personal vacations and sightseeing were put on hold too except… I told myself that by hook, by crook or by any kinds of nooks I'd have to maneuver – YOGYAKARTA must happen!

I bought the tickets in September, and just like most of us, AirAsia’s flight prices were real steal. Since I’d have to fly to Kuala Lumpur first, I had to get four flights in total, which totaled up to RM 339 inclusive of taxes.

I usually travel light so it was no issue for me not to get any check ins, in fact, I would usually just fill my bagpack just half of its size so that I can have more rooms for personal shopping and some little souvenirs. I'm gifted for being able to pack up quite light when it comes to travelling. I usually decide to wear whatever I've just bought over my travels too. Singlets, tshirts.