Christmas Dinner with YOLO

Every single year I would volunteer to decorate the Christmas Tree and sometimes some of the common areas at home. I said “sometimes” to the common areas because mum would eventually strip off all the danglings that I put up and redecorate the whole place herself -_- and I usually let her win because she has all these really adorable little-little reasons that I am not willing to rebut, like;

"Mum, why do you put the birds there, they're weirdly misplaced."
"Jacqkie, even the weird birds have feelings Jacqkie. They can hear you and they want a place too."  

I would be fine with all the reasons that she has, so I would keep quiet most of the time and let her get her way. Prior to Christmas, the gang decided to have a Christmas dinner together and I suggested to include Secret Santa in the itinerary.  Thank heavens for this online secret santa generator, I was able to include Ellie, Kim, Nat and Mira who were far from home in the list, and all the santee’s names were deployed to their email. No one really had to be physically there to pluck out the names anymore. Technology at its’ best! All pictures are not mine, my camera wasn't near me and I was too preoccupied to look for it :|

Food made by Everyone :) - Credit to Angel
By the way, if you're wondering why I call them YOLO it's because that was our official Whatsapp Group Name thanks to a night out when everyone suddenly started yelling YOLO to each other, next thing you know, we decided to just name our Whatsapp group that and it was permanently plastered on us. 

All of us agreed to cook our own dish as well, and… (I had to use this word even though it sounds so commercialized but seriously), everyone did a FANTASTIC job in whipping out stuff from their kitchens. Not sure whether it’s love, but everyone’s food tasted like super good that night.

One of the cutest thing about that dinner was the fact that before we started putting all the food on the table we realised there were these big and small candles around, and I found out mum and sister actually put out the candles for our use. Awwww - it was so romantic!

Candles for Dinner - Credit to Angel
Besides being able to whip out all these lovely dishes, all of us decided to dress up as well. I know it’s at my place, and it’s just a house dinner party but everyone was really cool about it, so we ended up did dressing up, and I’m so glad Angel bought Morris this bowtie and forced him to wear it, because he really did. HAHAHA. It was TOO cute. The boys were all groomed and the ladies were all gorgeous as usual.

After the hearty dinner, we decided to move on to secret santa and Nat to take over. She has this cute little game which includes sharing a little about their santee, and closing our eyes and eventually pointing out who our santee was. Quite childlike but we had fun :)

And my santee was MORRIS! Hehe.

Morris - Also our Unofficial Bartender (had to fend the title with Angel) -
Credit to Angel
He told me the that he was getting suspenders the other day, but I wasn’t sure whether he eventually got them, so I got him a black suspenders regardless! And a singlet because he usually uses them for exercise. Man it was so hard to shop for boys, either their stuff are too expensive or you probably won’t know what to get for them -_-"

Mira with the boys since Mira is not in the next picture, Credits to Mira.

Till then, hope you had a lovely Christmas!

YOLO - From L - R: Morris, Aaron, Me, Kim, Nat, Ellie (standing on sofa) and Angel - Credit to Angel

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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