5 Happy(est) Moments in my Life

A couple of mornings back on the way to work, I had Coldplay blasting loudly in my car. Windows vibrating, calls missed out, it wasn't intentional but I wasn't thinking about others but myself enjoying the music, and then I tried to recall the times that I actually, was genuinely, sincerely, carefree, that no wandering eyes, no backlogged work, no misplaced judgement and no insecurities bothered me and that I was just, simply was at peace and happy. Fullstop. Nothing more, nothing less.

So today, dear friends and loved ones, I will talk about the Five (5) happiest moments in my life. Because they are best recognised, and best remembered often.  Here they are: 

We'd climb up walls, we'd pay thousands, we'd skip rests just to catch the best views in the world. Why do we do this when we can easily Google all of these sights and Save them as Desktop Background? Because what you see, is then and it's real. And most often, these places that we have dreamed to see for so long envelope us with nostalgia that we don't even know existed in us in the first place. For me, the best dreams in life, are not told, are not shown, but felt and experienced by ourselves. I even tried to take a mental picture, told myself never to forget this beautiful stretch of contrast. Brick by brick, wind by wind.

And looking out at Cape Patton, was one of it. God really must exist, I think to myself. God really must. 

2) Dancing in a club in Seoul, Korea
There was particularly one incredible night that I had in Seoul that will forever be embedded in my mind and heart. After a much loved, filled with laughters dinner with my hostelmates, Swee Wei and I decided to continue our night at the Seoul's most notorious strip - Hongdae.

It's very strange to be getting a bit more attention than Swee Wei in Seoul, but it happened, and I felt awkward. We assumed it was because quite evidently I didn't look very "common" among them South Koreans. I mean, I wasn't as "Asian" looking as Swee Wei (brown skin, huge eyes, long hair), the moment I entered the first club, some young boys were thronging around me every now and then screaming "ARE YOU HAVING FUN!?". I kept nodding to any of their questions, and probably by the 7th time I have completely lost hope in having proper conversations with them  -_______-"

Fast forward, one particular scene that made me the happiest was when I went into the second club for the night, we chose the second club because it seemed bigger from the outside (two floors), so we queued, got let in with a breeze, went in, it was filled to the brim... I was enchanted by the lights, the gyrating crowd, the seconds by seconds cheers for nothing, and all the words that were playing in my mind, from guilty, to pleasure, to lust, to feast -- this. must. how. YOUTH. feels. like. I muttered.

I love how I allowed myself to slip off my conscience once in a while, especially when I could. At that moment, I actually stopped and took it all in, and embraced what youth must have exactly felt like.  And I must say, it felt sexy. 

3) Nude Oil Massage in Philippines
"Lady, you need to open everything"
*looks left and right* "Everything?" *looks left and right again* 
"Yes, we will give you towel"
"...but it's an open space, by the beach. I'll take everything, but I'll just leave my undies on." 

5 seconds later.

"OK, I'll strip everything!!!". 

All these in an open space with another 20 other beds stacked next to mine, possibly just an inch away from one another. My buttcheeks were flung open, boobs perked out, everything else felt... very windy. Initially it felt foreign to be massaged stark nude (okay, there was the towel but the towel was so minuscule it probably covered so little of me, and the guy next to me could easily see everything and anything of me if he had tilted just a little bit of his head).

But being massaged with absolutely nothing on by the freaking beach (not just any beach, Boracay for goodness sake) FELT ARGH SO GOOD. It was... so liberating. And I urge if you ever had the chance to be massaged in an open space stark naked like I did, you should (okay, maybe depending on the situation, be an adult, make good judgement). And for just that moment, I didn't cared whether some crooks were looking at my boobs or whether some masseuse were judging me, because man, I did nothing illegal, it felt good, and I was happy and that's all I needed.

It was fairly easy for me to decide what to do on some weekends back when I was working in KL because everything was almost beyond reach. That of course included some concerts and some festivals. Of course this too means more expenditure. And when I knew Temper Trap, Foals were playing in Laneway Festival - I started saving, decided to fly into Singapore, and sing to their songs, from dawn till dusk. I promised myself.

Being in a concert is great, yes, but being in a heavy rain, with mud slides and half naked friendly Westerners around you to party with concert, IS CRAZY GOOD. We went off to the concert as early as 3pm, went right in front to the stage, bought some drinks, good stuff, but I remembered completely losing myself when the skies started pouring buckets of water.

I was completely drenched.

From my undies to my scalp, I was drenched, soaked. And it didn't stopped for hours, probably since I first came in at 3pm lasted till 12am. It rained so heavy that there was a mudslide in a mudslide. Everyone was drifting through, but the most important part that you must know was that everyone continued partying in that great rain. No one stopped, no one bothered, no one cared.

And neither did I.

Quite a different tone from my other kinds of happiness was an (insane) concert that I attended. Besides having been a massive fan of them (for as long as I can remember), Incubus actually reminds me so much of my brother. I grew up having to hear the sounds of drums and screams sneaking their way out from his door, and the metaphorical lyrics that my brother seem to be able relate to. In time, my curiosity became a fond, and I too began to understand their voices of reason and were able to mutter their lyrics word by word.

I bought their tickets on their first week of concert's announcement because I love them, missed their show the first time they were in KL and let's just say I was ready to rock my guns out. Those who attended the concert were real fans. They knew the lyrics, the tunes, the chorus, the bridges, the pauses like the back of their hand, they were ready.

Happiest bit in my life during the concert? That human jengga, sweats exchange, clothes ripped, slippers thrown, fans' occasional fist bumps and that, that Incubuseque language that were thrown back and forth among the crowd. Maybe, I just felt the most alive in that crazy mosh - as simple as that.

These five situations were among the many happy moments in my life. These were just a handful, maybe even 1% out of the happy moments in my life, because I am simply the kind of girl who would live my life to the fullest. I am not really shy, neither do I take my time contemplating so much on what people think about me, and I have no problem speaking my minds out, all these with respect and love. And if you see from the list, they're all from my travels and I believe my travels have made me a happier, better person.

And these five moments were exactly when I was remotely genuinely, sincerely, carefree, that no wandering eyes, no backlogged work, no misplaced judgement and no insecurities bothered me one bit.

I hope you know that happy moments are not found, they are created. By you. It's how you perceive  a situation, it's how you embrace a situation, I could have probably vomited so many negative whines in some of these occasions, but I didn't and instead I basked in it.

I basked in the strange situations that I were in, I learned, loved and accepted the strangeness of it all because I knew it will be one of its kind in my life.

And with that, I hope you create more happy moments for yourself. As you should :) 


KY said…
I also had almost-naked massage in philippines, but it was in a closed room. almost fell asleep, was so good!

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