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Weekend at Kasih Sayang / Kokol

A couple of months back I entered a competition organised by the folks at Kasih Sayang Resort. All that was needed to do was to submit photos of ourselves or whichever of us IN the resort. 
I was one of the winner and I got a complimentary free night's stay! WEEEE. I wanted to bring the two ladies, Angel and Ellie at first because they've never been to Kasih Sayang but sister was in town, so I decided to make it a family affair instead. 

Quite frankly, I've always constantly wanting to go to Bukit Kokol and/or Kasih Sayang because the view up there is SIMPLY urgh, breathtaking. I will never be able to vividly describe to you how no matter really how hard I try. The view sweeps me off my feet every single time. And I've been to some places in my life, nothing quite like the feeling of being up in Kokol. I figured, I must really love this place. 
There was no sunset when we reached Kasih Sayang, it was very cloudy, the skies ready to pour. Thunderstorm coming from the r…

5 Happy(est) Moments in my Life

A couple of mornings back on the way to work, I had Coldplay blasting loudly in my car. Windows vibrating, calls missed out, it wasn't intentional but I wasn't thinking about others but myself enjoying the music, and then I tried to recall the times that I actually, was genuinely, sincerely, carefree, that no wandering eyes, no backlogged work, no misplaced judgement and no insecurities bothered me and that I was just, simply was at peace and happy. Fullstop. Nothing more, nothing less.

So today, dear friends and loved ones, I will talk about the Five (5) happiest moments in my life. Because they are best recognised, and best remembered often.  Here they are: 
1) Looking out at Cape Patton, Australia, 2012 We'd climb up walls, we'd pay thousands, we'd skip rests just to catch the best views in the world. Why do we do this when we can easily Google all of these sights and Save them as Desktop Background? Because what you see, is then and it's real. And most oft…

Christmas Dinner with YOLO

Every single year I would volunteer to decorate the Christmas Tree and sometimes some of the common areas at home. I said “sometimes” to the common areas because mum would eventually strip off all the danglings that I put up and redecorate the whole place herself -_- and I usually let her win because she has all these really adorable little-little reasons that I am not willing to rebut, like;
"Mum, why do you put the birds there, they're weirdly misplaced."
"Jacqkie, even the weird birds have feelings Jacqkie. They can hear you and they want a place too."  
I would be fine with all the reasons that she has, so I would keep quiet most of the time and let her get her way. Prior to Christmas, the gang decided to have a Christmas dinner together and I suggested to include Secret Santa in the itinerary.  Thank heavens for this online secret santa generator, I was able to include Ellie, Kim, Nat and Mira who were far from home in the list, and all the santee’s names w…