Highlights of 2012

I wonder how 2012 has been for everyone. New revelations, epiphanies, wisdom; among the things to describe how my 2012 has been. Despite my cheery (sometimes absent-minded) image I'm quite a philosopher you see, I dwell in deep thoughts, daydreams, nightmares, whatever you may call it, and will speak so articulately about the things that I'm quite inquisitive or passionate about when asked (or when not).

1) I continued my journey

Some people would save up for new gadgets. Some would save up for books, car accessories, new wardrobe and their little ones' playmates. Whatever they are, we all have our rhyme and reason on what we love to save and spend our money on. That investment or expenditure is (or at least should be) our responsibility and ours alone. For me on the other hand, I would save my money up to see the big and small places of the world, near or far. 

Seeing things the way you've never seen it - Kokol
And this year I did also just that. I love travelling so much because travelling does not only open my eyes to all the things that are worldly different from or similar with us, it stimulates and maximizes all of my senses.  I am both more alert and more relaxed of the situation surrounding me. And to me, that truly is when I feel the most "alive".

The chance of trying out new things in new places in new waters 
The chance of seeing, believing and knowing how fortunate you are and what you can do to improve the world - Philippines 
Always on the lookout for good food, good company - and yes I miss you Panda :)
Listening to new music and really cool people
Losing breaths at all the greatest sights
Meeting new people
Seeing and embracing different beliefs, different (degree) of beliefs, cultures and traditions 

2) Moving forward in my Career

After I quit my job in KL, little did I know that I was going to venture into one of the most competitive industry in Sabah; tourism and hospitality. I was jobless for two measly months, but I was already feeling restless and I wasn't happy. I'm sure like most of you, we choose to work simply because it keeps us occupied and of course, it pays our bills. Essentially, it makes us sane.

I had a sneaky plan of venturing into tourism and hospitality because of my fine love for places and travelling. It was a really tricky sneak-in I know, to be in the other side really, because I knew I would end up serving people should I choose to work in the hospitality industry. I was blessed that I got a job at a 4-star hotel as a PR and within 6 months of working, I was promoted to Senior PR. And God has his own further twist, and the moment I entered the industry, I was flooded with events and was met with so many people that would contribute to more opportunities for me. 

I have grasp the importance of networking and keeping friendships since college. One opportunity led to another. One reference after another. I was called and offered even more to another place and while I believed in loyalty, the idea of being recognised and valued has motivated me to take the offer.

Now I'm in a new great place, with more opportunities at hand provided. I am blessed, this year has provided me tons of opportunities to advance in my career.

3) New Friendships 

Ever since I left KL, I felt the need to restructure my life. I was going to start from scratch, may it be work, friends, lifestyle. I wasn't truly happy in KL either. I didn't get to see my then sick mum to sleep, I didn't get to hear her stories of her days.  Everyday felt like walking on an eggshell trying hard not ever wanting to hear any bad news through a call. I felt that I had been living a very poor quality of life, or at the very least, I didn't felt where I should be.

So coming back to settling down in KK, when I wasn't working, I had joined a lot of groups. A travellers' group, an art's group, another art's group - there were plenty. I was always looking to meet new people, make new friends, do new things, I wanted to do everything!

I thank heavens that I went to these events and to these groups, because of these events, I constantly met new and interesting people in my life, some who turned out to be among my best of friends :)

4) Friends and families starting their own family 

This year has witnessed so many of my loved ones declaring to the world that they're ready to start their own family. Nothing beats being part of the ceremonies and being part of their milestone and seeing how happy they are with their life-changing decisions :)  

Courtesy of Vera Joan Dingle
Courtesy of Ashley Koh
Courtesy of Serena Allysha
5) And last but not least, moving back in with my family 

This was by far the biggest highlight of my life in 2012. I know you'd probably go "whattt, this?? I stay with my family all the timeee". Some of you might already noticed the importance and the significance of my family in my life, you see, when my dad passed away, we had to learn how to protect each other, and ever since then, we have became best of friends.

So yes, it's like moving back in with your best friends. Those who've seen the worst and the best in you, and those who've helped you in your biggest decisions and those who would extend and welcome every other form of happiness in your life with open arms. I am blessed to have such an amazing family. I am blessed to have such amazing best friends.

Here goes - I'm thankful for such a beautiful year. Looking forward to another exciting one! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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