To reasons

When I was growing up, mum and dad would spoil me on my birth-day. Sometimes there'd be two cakes, sometimes, a bike, sometimes a couple of big presents among the small ones. Whatever it was, it was never short of a celebration. I never really know the feeling of, not having celebrations you see. However big or small. But I knew, if there was ever one thing that stuck to me from mum throughout all these celebration was that to always appreciate the gift of another year. 

Often not we forget that our live is ours but does not belong to us. It belongs to the people that have created us, the people that have brought us into this world, whoever they may be. And to a certain extent, there should be a certain kind of gratitude to our creators by acknowledging the day we were safely delivered. Even as simple as a prayer. 

For the past a quarter of a century of my life, I have realised that I am for what I'd like to be and what I'd like to offer, not of who I think I am. I live on big and small adventures. I live on well-structured or perfectly crooked sincere smiles. I live on colours. I live on kindness. I live on others. And most importantly, I live on love.

But this time, it was not about a celebration of another year, rather, it was a celebration of the reason I was born. Maybe to bring light to others, maybe to be friends with those in need. The reason we are "part of the ocean" as opposed to "as waves".

So here's to the reason I was born. And to figuring out the plenty more reasons in future! 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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